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Free ShippingConverge Mobile WiFi Denali/Spruce Combo - 1.5 Mile Range

Mid Performance Mobile WiFi - 1.5 Mile

Price: $ 595.95

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Top Features:

  • Mid-performance Indoor & Outdoor Routers
  • For Performance and Versatility
  • Downlink: Up to 150Mbps | Uplink: Up to 50Mbps
  • Great Addition to Your Truck & RV
  • Get WiFi Access in Places that You Could Never Get
  • 1.5 Miles Maximum Wireless Range
  • Integrated Category 4 LTE Modem

WiFiRanger - Mobile WiFi Denali/Spruce Combo - 11-11DN-SP-A4-30-B-GN

12V In Vehicle WiFi Hotspot for 4G Network

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  •  WiFiRanger
  •  Model No.:
  •  11-11DN-SP-A4-30-B-GN
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  •  Warranty:
  •  1 Year
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  •  30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee

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  • Denali Outdoor Router
  • Spruce Indoor Router
  • Spruce Stand
  • 30ft TetherPoint Cable
  • Power Adapter: DC Direct Pigtail with 5amp in-line fuse
  • User Manual
  • Sim Card
  • 12vDC/24vDC Power Supply

30ft TetherPoint Cable & DC Direct Pigtail

DC Direct Pigtail

WiFiRanger Converge 2020 Outdoor Models

WiFiRanger Converge Denali Install

Installing a New Converge WiFiRanger Denali & Spruce

See What You Should Know About Mobile WiFi.

Enjoy maximum wireless coverage, performance, and reliable internet connection with the Denali pack. The Denali pack is a mid-performance indoor Spruce and outdoor Denali router bundle with 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz WiFi, 1.5 mile maximum wireless range, a USB port for LTE tethering, 1000Mbps LAN ports, and an integrated LTE modem (Category 4).

This is a great addition to your Truck, RV, or Boat as you can stay online wherever you go. You can now get wifi access in places you could preciously never get. The Denali Pack is ideal for those with a mobile lifestyle who desire performance and versatility. WiFiRanger outdoor routers are designed to survive in any environment because they are weather protected (waterproof, UV-resistant, resistant to vibration).

The Spruce indoor router has Gigabit LAN ports for connecting hardwired computers and devices. A USB 2.0 port is also included for tethering Cellular hotspots and aircards. The Spruce is suited for those who want solid indoor WiFi and LAN performance while not needing an indoor integrated LTE modem.

The Denali outdoor router has a 100Mbps LAN port for connecting to the indoor Spruce. It is also equipped with an integrated Category 4 LTE modem which allows you to connect to Cellular internet (requires data plan for Cellular internet), sharing data with all computers and devices connected to the WiFiRanger Denali Pack.

Note: Maximum range is only achievable in ideal conditions when connecting with clear line of sight and a powerful access point)


  • Supports: AT&T and Millenicom Sim Cards
  • Band
    • Outdoor Unit – 2.4GHZ
    • Indoor Unit – 2.4 & 5.8GHz
  • Range:
    • Outdoor Unit – Up To 1.5 Mile Capture, 1/4 Mile Broadcast
    • Indoor Unit – Up To 750 Ft
  • Throughput:
    • WiFi – Up To 1200Mbps
    • LAN – UP TO 1000Mbps
    • LTE (if equipped) 150Mbps Down, 50Mbps Up
  • Standards: 802.11 A/AC/B/G/N
  • Broadcasts: 3X (PRIVATE, PUBLIC, OEM MGT)
  • Security: SafeSurf™/Firewall/WPA3
  • Form Factor:
    • Outdoor Unit: Shark Fin
    • Indoor Unit: Compact Modem
  • SD Card Slot:
    • Outdoor Unit – NONE
    • Indoor Unit – MicroSD
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Lan Ports:
    • Outdoor Units – 1X LAN
    • Indoor Unit – 4X LAN, 1X WAN
  • Dimensions:
    • Outdoor Unit – 9"T X 7"W X 11"D
    • Indoor Unit – 4.7"T X 1.25"W X 4.8"W
  • Teton Temperatures:
    • Outdoor Unit: -40C ~ +70C
    • Indoor Unit: -40C ~ +50C
  • USB Port for Hotspots:
    • Outdoor Unit: NO (Requires Indoor Router)
    • Indoor Unit: YES (USB 2.0)
  • 30 ft. Tetherpoint Cable
  • Power Input / Draw: 12VDC / 31W Maximum
    • Outdoor Unit: Category 4 Modem Optional
    • Indoor Unit: None
  • GPS (When LTE is Activated)
  • Tray Swap Upgrades: Outdoor Unit - Yes (TO EVEREST)

Mobile Connectivity Diagram

Mobile Connectivity Diagram for WiFi & LTE Internet Distributed to All Computers & Devices from WiFiRanger Routers