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1 Page Website Design

Shining Boogie Black and Green

Price: $ 130.00

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Top Features:

  • You Focus on Your Business
  • Everything You Need
  • 1 Year Web Hosting & Domain Name
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Search Engine Submittle
  • 3 Free Updates

How to Order:

  1. Choose Theme Color or Optional Color

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  3. Click Add to Cart and Proceed to Checkout

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Theme Color:

        Green                 Red                Orange
1-Page Website Design Shining Boogie Black and Orange 1-Page Website Design Shining Boogie Black and Red 1-Page Website Design Shining Boogie Black and Green

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  •  RoadTrucker
  •  Pages:
  •  1 page
  •  Layout:
  •  1 column
  •  Animation:
  •  None
  •  Width:
  •  Stretched


  • 1 Year Web Hosting
  • 1 Year Domain Name
  • 3 Free Updates
  • Mobile Design
  • 1 Page Website
    • Optional Logo
    • Banner
    • "About Us" Section
    • "Contact Us" Form
    • Personalized Email

We will create a one-page business or personal website for you. Simple! Fast! You can choose your own banner, heading and tagline to be displayed at the top, where it can be easily seen.

Should you choose the Logo option, we will design your logo to create a lasting impression. This web design also has a form for site visitors to ask questions or give comments. We can connect your contact form to your present email or provide an email address like The website theme comes with additional space for extra pictures.


  • Optional Color: This is a FREE Option of any color of your choosing. The color of your Truck or your favorite color. To choose an optional color:

    1. First, select "Option Color" in the box above, which will display a color picker.

    2. Next, click on the color closest to the color you want, in the outer color circle. The inner box will change colors to allow you to choose a shade.

    3. Last, click on the shade you like best. Please keep in mind that the actual color will differ slightly depending on the computer screen you are using.

Website Services:

  • Logo Design (Optional) - $75.00

    Logo's or Trademarks are the first step to make the website ready. We can also create a logo for you and replace on what is on the template that has been displayed.

    This is a PAID Option, designed to suit your personal taste. Based on your input, we will design up to 3 logos for you to choose from. Once you make your choice, we will make 2 FREE enhancements based on your personal feedback.

    Note: If you already have your own logo, just send it to us and we will replace it in the template right away. Free of charge.

  • Mobile Friendly Website

    With this feature you can view your website on your mobile device based on the screen size. The technical term is "Responsive Design". When a user goes to your website using their cell phone, they will see a customized version of your website, with smaller pictures and customized to better fit their small screen size.

    No need to open your personal computer in your house just to see your website. With the help of your phone, you can now enjoy and even show it to your friends that you have your own website.

  • Web Hosting - $114.00 / Year (Included in Price)

    Get your business online. No work on your part. We will handle the rest of the details.

  • Domain Name - $15.00 / Year (Included in Price)

    Choose your own domain name such as for personalized website.