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War-Lok - Utility Brand Trailer Barrier Box Truck Lock - UTL-10
War-Lok - Utility Brand Trailer Barrier Box Truck Lock - UTL-10 Issue With Some Utility Trailers Lock Tumblers / Disks

War-Lok Utility Brand Trailer Barrier Box Trailer Door Lock UTL-10 

Made In USA
Price: $139.17

Step 1: Choose Keying Option: 
Step 2 Optional : Add Extra Pair of Keys: $24.27 each Pair

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Designed for For Utility Brand Trailer Reefers 2000R & 3000R and Utility Brand Trailer

Top Features:

  • For Utility Brand Trailer Reefers 2000R & 3000R and Utility Brand Trailer
  • Resistant to corrosion and cutting with a torch
  • Key Not Needed for Locking
  • Lock Bumping Proof, Force Resistant
  • Key Duplication is virtually Impossible
  • Multiple Locks Can Be Keyed Differently or Keyed Alike
AvailabilityIn Stock
Returns30 days w/ 20% Restocking Fee; No Return on Custom Keyed Alike Locks
Warranty1 Year
ShippingSee Cart
Weight2 lbs.
Model No.UTL-10

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War-Lok UTL-10 Includes:

  • UTL-10 War-Lock Heavy Utility Brand Trailer Lock
  • A Set of 2 Keys w/Choice of Keying Option (for Multiple Locks)
    • Keyed Alike (Click Radial Button)
    • Keyed Differently (Default)

See War-Lok TL-10 Cast Steel Barrier Lock in Action
(11 Sec.)

Thieves Trying to Remove the War-Lok TL-10 Truck Lock
(27 Sec.)

Due to Recent Extreme High Demand, the War-Lok Truck Locks have a Mfg extended Lead Time of 2 to 3 Business Days.

Keying to Previous Order:

Note: Always refer back to your first lock order so all new orders will be keyed to that first order. We will try to check that your keying instructions are correct, but this is only a courtesy. You are still responsible. DO NOT USE YOUR KEY CODE.

To Key your lock order to the same as your previous lock orders, you must choose Keyed Alike and write, "Please Key to Previous Order RC########" (where ######## is your 8 digit sales Order Number of your first lock order) in the Customer Msg box.

Note: Does NOT Work on Newer 2015 and 2016 Trailers

For Utility Dry Vans use the Enforcer Side Rear Door Lock Hasp

The War-Lok Truck Security Cast Steel Barrier Box UTL-10 is a Cast Steel Barrier Box with a Reusable, Removable, Keyed Locking Device that fits securely over the hasp of Utility Brand trailers with swing-out doors. Once in place, the locking mechanism of the UTL-10 and the trailer hasp are completely protected. A key opens the UTL-10, but its NOT needed for locking.

For Utility Brand Trailers 2000R  & 3000R (Reefers)

For fleets, the UTL-10 Utility Brand Trailer Cast Steel Barrier Box can be keyed individually or alike with or without a master key. The War-Lok UTL-10 is a simple, robust and reusable cost-effective Trailer Door Security solution. The UTL-10 comes standard in a powder coated silver color.

Note: The UTL-10 does NOT fit Standard Tractor Trailer Doors, nor Intermodal Shipping Containers, nor smaller Travel & Cargo Trailers. You will need the IR-20 for Intermodal Shipping Container Security. You will need the TL-10 for Standard Tractor Trailer Swing Door Security. You will need the CTL-10 for Travel and Cargo Trailer Security.

War-Lok Locks are Pick Resistant, Drill Resistant, Bump Key Proof and Key Duplication is virtually Impossible.

Note: Sorry, No Discount  or Returns on Keys or Locks Keyed Alike

Note: We can key your locks to previously purchased locks, if you ordered them from RoadTrucker and you have them delivered to the same address. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Note: Multiple Kits can be keyed alike or individually. Custom Keying: $3/Key for Keying Alike.

Note: Large orders may take longer.

The newer Utility Trailers have a support bar that tends to interfere with using the War-Lok UTL-10. Why Utility did that is beyond reason, but if it were my trailer, I would take off that brace and trim the end from it, so I could protect my cargo. I would also complain to Utility. See picture below.