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Master Keys for War-Lok Truck Locks - Spare Keys

Master Keys for War-Lok Truck Locks - Spare Keys 

Made In USA
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Highly effective King Pin Lock designed for dropped trailers.

Top Features:

  • Keying Options are Completely Flexible
  • Keyed Differently and Alike to Master Key
  • Extra Keys are sold in Pairs
  • Master Keys are sold per Single Key
  • There is a One Time Setup Fee for Master Keys.
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Extra Keys Include:

  • 2 Keys (Duplicate)
  • 1 Stainless Steel Key Ring
  • 1 Key ID Tag

Master Key Includes:

  • Master Key Setup
  • 1 or More Master Key/s
  • 1 Stainless Steel Key Ring
  • 1 Key ID Tag
NOTE: Duplicate Keys can only be ordered by RoadTrucker Customers. Please enter your previous Sales Order Number in Customer Msg box.
The Setup Fee for Master Keying is prorated over the number of Master Keys. Your first Master Key must be ordered with your initial locks. When ordering more locks, indicate, that you want them keyed to the first order and to the Master Key.

Keying to Previous Order:

Note: Always refer back to your first lock order so all new orders will be keyed to that first order. We will try to check that your keying instructions are correct, but this is only a courtesy. You are still responsible. DO NOT USE YOUR KEY CODE.

To Key your lock order to the same as your previous lock orders, you must choose Keyed Alike and write, "Please Key to Previous Order RC########" (where ######## is your 8 digit sales Order Number of your first lock order) in the Customer Msg box.

War-Lok master key can open any of the War-Lok truck locks purchased for that particular Master Key, whether it is keyed differently or a combination of keyed alike and differently. Obviously you must order your first set of locks when ordering a Master Key.

Future lock orders can be key to the same Master, that you own, by indicating, "Please Key to Previous Order RC########", where RC######## is your previous RoadTrucker Sales order number.

Note: Master Key setup is only charged 1 time. when you order more than 1, the setup will be prorated over the total number of Master Keys purchased.

Keyed Differently and Alike to Master Key

Keyed Differently and Alike to Master Key Diagram (B)

Keyed Differently to Master Key

Keyed Differently to Master Key Illustration (C)