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Help Video: Understanding RoadTrucker Checkout


Understanding RoadTrucker Checkout

The "Understanding RoadTrucker Checkout"  video covers some of the benefits, as well as drawbacks of using RoadTrucker's checkout procedure.

Starting in the shopping cart and selecting the White Checkout button, the video takes you step by step through the entire RoadTrucker Checkout Procedure, giving you helpful tips to help you avoid common issues that customers have had when checking out.

"Understanding RoadTrucker Checkout" ends showing you how to see and print a copy of your invoice immediately on completing your order, followed by a little more information on our security.

Poor eyesight, or using a screen reader?  RoadTrucker also provides text tutorials. See the written text version below, for "Understanding RoadTrucker Checkout".

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Text Version

Understanding RoadTrucker Checkout  (CORRECTION: RoadTrucker Accepts Visa/Master Card/American Express/Dinner's Club)

Using RoadTrucker's Checkout is like using Google and PayPal Checkouts, except that RoadTrucker uses their own processor to process your credit card. Your Credit Card details are given to RoadTrucker and take note that they ONLY accept Visa and Master Card. On any further orders, you will have to re-enter your credit card information as well as your Billing & Delivery address.

As an advantage, RoadTrucker's Shopping Cart automatically deletes your credit card information after 1 week. All shopping carts do not delete the credit card information. RoadTrucker thinks they should. If you need to return a product, your restocking fee will be 15%.

Suppose that your item is in the shopping cart and you are ready to checkout. Click the Checkout button. A form is set ready for you to fill out. It will start with the Billing Address, which is the address that your credit card statements are mailed to. This is the address that gets sent to your credit card company to verify that you are the legitimate card holder. Make sure it is correct. Enter a company name if applicable. Note that Fields with asterisk (*) are required.

When you go down, you must enter your E-mail address twice. There's also an option if your Billing Address and Delivery Address are the same. Just click the text link to copy your billing address to your delivery address. Do NOT use a PO Box for the delivery address, to avoid delaying your order. If you have a PO Box in your billing address, then change it to the physical address.

You may also enter an optional message. Then, Click the button "Click here to pay with your Visa or Master Card" to complete your order. At this point, you will be asked to enter your credit card information. Double check your Expiration Date to avoid common error.

Note that if you want to use American Express or other card, you need to use PayPal Checkout. If you're wondering what the CVV2 Code is, it's the last 3 digits on the back of your credit card. Click "Submit Card Details" button. To print a copy of your invoice, click the text link provided. Maximize the window and click File, then click Print. Close the window when you're done.

To continue to browse RoadTrucker website, click on Continue. You're done. An order confirmation will be sent to you, so check your email. You may have to check your Spam/Junk folder.

When you use RoadTrucker's Checkout, you give RoadTrucker your Credit Card information, and RoadTrucker gives this to the processor in a secured environment. RoadTrucker is PCI Compliant, which is the standard security required by the credit card industry.

We hope you find this Tutorial helpful. We appreciate your feedback.

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