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Help Video: How to Checkout Using Google


How to Checkout Using Google

The "How to Checkout Using Google"  video covers some of the benefits, as well as drawbacks of using Google's checkout procedure.

Starting in the shopping cart and selecting the Blue & White Google Checkout button, the video takes you step by step through the entire Google Checkout Procedure, giving you helpful tips to help you avoid common issues that customers have had when checking out.

"How to Checkout Using Google" ends with Google Wallet, showing you how to get back to RoadTrucker. Please Note: Google does not send you back to RoadTrucker to complete your order, so RoadTrucker cannot send you an email confirmation, nor can you print out an immediate copy.

See and print a copy of your invoice immediately on completing your order, followed by a little more information on our security.

Poor eyesight, or using a screen reader?  RoadTrucker also provides text tutorials. See the written text version below, for "How to Checkout Using Google".

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Text Version

How to Checkout Using Google

When you use Google Checkout, your Credit Card details are given to and stored by Google. It accepts all credit cards, including AmEx and also gives you Buyer Protection. Also, as a benefit, RoadTrucker may optionally reduce your restocking fee to 10% if you need to return a product. If you use RoadTrucker's Checkout, your restocking fee will be 15%.

On any further orders, you do not need to re-enter your credit card information and your Billing & Delivery address. Suppose your item is in the shopping cart and you are ready to checkout. Click the Google Checkout button which will take you to Google's site. Sign in if you have an existing account or Gmail account.

Otherwise, create a Google account. In the form, enter your current e-mail address and choose a password. When entering your credit or debit card, double-check your Expiration Date to avoid common error. You will also have to enter Security Code, which is the last 3 digits on the back of your credit card.

Next, Put the exact address that your credit card statements are sent to (Billing Address). Enter your desired Shipping Address. Or, check the box if your Billing and Shipping Address are the same. You can also click the text links "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy".

Finally, click Agree and Continue. You can now Sign in using the E-mail and Password you have created. You may customize your Google Checkout Account by adding your mobile phone number, etc. Click Save and Continue

Then you will be asked to Add a credit card to your Google Account. Fill out the necessary information. After which, Re-check your Item, Price, and the Total Price. If your credit card is invalid, you will be required to enter a new payment method. Change your payment method or enter a new credit card to continue your order.

When you're done, click Save. Then, Click Place order now. Click Return to RoadTrucker Inc text link to Continue to browse RoadTrucker website.

You're done. An order confirmation from RoadTrucker will be sent to you by Google Wallet, so check your email. You may have to check your Spam/Junk folder.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful. We appreciate your feedback.

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