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Help Video: How to Shop and Order at RoadTrucker


How to Shop and Order at RoadTrucker

 "How to Shop and Order at RoadTrucker" video was created to help the new online shopper with some of the basics of shopping and purchasing online.

The video covers using the address bar and the type of links that can be clicked on, like Menus, Pictures and Text. It also shows how to use the scroll bar and RoadTrucker's search box. Next it covers downloading a user manual, changing the quantity and adding the product to the shopping cart.

"How to Shop and Order at RoadTrucker" ends with a short description and benefit of each of the 3 checkout procedures, providing a link to a video on each.

Poor eyesight, or using a screen reader?  RoadTrucker also provides text tutorials. See the written text version below, for "How to Shop and Order at RoadTrucker".

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Text Version

How to Shop and Order at RoadTrucker

To get to RoadTrucker's website, put the URL in the browser address bar. At the homepage, select from Top or Side Menu, Click a Picture, Click a Text Link, or Use the Search Box. When using the search box, you can select one of the Search Result links that best describes your item searched for. For example, you're looking for an RV or Truck GPS.

Click the Truck GPS tab above and select from a sub-menu to see more GPS's. You will see buttons Truck GPS, RV GPS, Refurbished GPS, and Canada Truck GPS. You may scroll down the page to see other products by using either the mouse scroller or the window scroll bar. On a particular product, click the text link "More Details" or the picture to see more details.

Then you will be brought to the individual product page where you can read more of the features. RoadTrucker also put related videos so that you can watch the actual use and function of the product. You can also download the User Manual. Look for a PDF icon, then right click, choose Open Link, and Save a Copy in a folder.

You can also download Free Lifetime Map Updates for your GPS. Just Look for a PDF icon also and Save a Copy. When you're done, click the back arrow and you will be taken back to the individual page. Enter your desired quantity and Click Add to Cart. To add more items, click on Continue Shopping.

Remember to Re-check your Items, Quantity, Price, and the Total price. RoadTrucker offers 3 Checkout Buttons/Methods:

  1. RoadTrucker Checkout - With RoadTrucker Checkout, you give your credit card data to the store to process using their own processor. Benefit: RoadTrucker deletes all credit card information after 1 week.
  2. Google Checkout - With Google Checkout, Google stores your credit card. Benefit: Google also gives you buyer protection. - Note: Google Checkout is now obsolete.
  3. PayPal Checkout - With PayPal Checkout, PayPal stores your credit card. Benefit: PayPal gives you buyer protection. Buy now and pay later with Bill Me Later® Service.

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