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Freightliner M2 Locking Fuel Cap
Freightliner M2 Locking Fuel Cap Front and Back of Locking Fuel Cap

Freightliner M2 Truck Locking Fuel Cap 

Made In USA
Price: $66.75 - $75.75

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Fuel tank cap that fits your Freightliner M2 class 7 truck! Fuel Tank Must be Vented

Top Features:

  • Freightliner M2 2.5" - 8 Aluminum Cap Assembly
  • 8.00" Chain & 6.50" Bail
  • Stamped w/ "DIESEL FUEL ONLY"
  • UN (United National) Triple Lead
  • 220°F Thermal Relief
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Returns30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee
Warranty90 Days
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ManufacturerFuel Tank Accessories
Model No.Several
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For accurate measurement, it is essential to measure the Inside Diameter (ID) of Fuel Cap. If the Fuel Cap is not available, measure the Outside Diameter of the Fuel Neck to determine Inside Diameter of Cap.

When you Order a pair of Locking Fuel Caps, they will be Keyed Alike (use the same key).

Fuel tank cap that fits your Freightliner M2 class 7 truck. It features an 8.00" Chain & 6.50" bail that keeps your cap from getting lost.

Example Fuel Cap Measurement

Example Proper Fill Neck Measurement

Always make sure and if the Tank is either Vented or non-Vented in order to spec correct Vented or Non-Vented Cap. (note: a Vented Cap is made to work with a non-Vented Tank; it is also safe to use on a Diesel Fuel Tank that is already Vented) a non-Vented Tank Must have a Vented Cap to operate properly.

The inside diameter (ID) of Caps used with Low-Sulfur labeled Diesel Fuel Tanks are smaller and have different treads than Caps used with Diesel Fuel Tanks that have no Low Sulfur Label. (See the Volvo Description on the above PDF File as an example)

All Caps are Threaded Female style. (except the Peterbilt Lever Style and Freightliner Cam-Cap Style) Some Older Fuel Tank fill necks (pre 2000) may have a different size and thread than current Tanks.

Though Steel Tanks are not as common in the HD Truck Industry as Aluminum, it is recommended to clarify whether the tank is Aluminum or Steel.

NPSM (National Pipe Straight Medium) Threaded Caps will not fit NPSL (National Pipe Straight Loose) or NPT Fill Neck Threads. However, NPSL will fit NPSM threaded Fill Necks.

Other Features:

  • Locking for 2.5" Threaded Neck
  • 220°F Thermal Relief (Over Temperature) Locking
  • 8 UN (United National) Triple Lead
  • 8.00" Chain & 6.50" bail (End of chain connection) w/ "DIESEL FUEL ONLY"
  • Numbers on the underside of the cap: FTA-C-13
  • "Drop Tested" to meet DOT qualifications for HWY Transportation Fuel Tank safety. FMCSA-39367