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free shippingInternal 4 Sensors with Straps TPMS Kit

Price: $ 495.00

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Top Features:

  • 4 Internal Sensors with Straps
  • Check Tire Temp. Without Removing Sensor
  • Wide Color Screen Monitor
  • Works With Any Truck or RV Configuration
  • Warns You of Any Issues In Unsafe Driving Conditions
  • Water Resistant Sensors

Truck System - 4 TPMS Internal Tire Sensors with Straps - TST507INT4

Truck System - 4 Internal TPMS Flow-Through Tire Sensors - TST507INT4

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  •  TST507INT4
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  •  3 Years
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  • Shipping
    GuideShipping Guide
  • User Manual
    / Tips
  • Instruction
  • TST Guide
    & FAQ
  • Monitor
  • Color
  • Repeater
  • Dual Tire


  • 4 Tire Sensors
  • 4 Inner Rim Bands
  • Color Monitor
  • Trailer Exchange Repeater
  • Long Antenna
  • Numbered Sensor-Position Stickers
  • USB and 12V Charging Capabilities
  • Suction Cup Display Mount
  • Rubber Display Mount
  • Detailed User Manual

Rim Size

Rim Size

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Instructional Video (8.24 sec)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Tips (8.2 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Manually entering a sensor code (4.40 min)

Internal Sensor Installation With Adaptors on a Peterbilt Glider (1.38 min)

Need a tire sensors? The TST507INT4 kit comes with 4 water resistant internal sensors that can provide real time and accurate tire pressure & temperature results, a display monitor that can monitor up to 4 trailers, a USB & 12V charging capabilities and a repeater that can maximize system performance.

The TST TPMS System warns you of any issues that may create unsafe driving conditions. It may include overheating which can cause by a number of reasons: underinflated, failing wheel bearings, and dragging brakes to name a few.

The internal sensor sends audible and visual alerts to the drivers through any of the displays when temperature or pressure is outside of the user customizable thresholds.

Monitor Components & Icons:

Monitor Indicators
  1. Antenna
  2. Go Button
  3. Set Button
  4. Back Button
  5. Red LED Indicator
  6. Light Sensor
  7. - Button
  8. + Button
  9. Power On/Off
  10. Charging Port

Monitor Display Icons

Installing the Internal Sensor

Internal Sensor Figure 1 Internal Sensor Figure 2 Internal Sensor Figure 3
  1. Remove the wheel from the vehicle and deflate the tire
  2. Remove the tire from the wheel
  3. If the sensor is not already attached to the band, attach the sensor to the band clamp with the two screws. Torque the screws to 3 in-lbs. (0.3-0.4Nm). See Figure 1
  4. Put the sensor and band clamp in the center position (sometimes known as the "well") of the wheel hub
    • IMPORTANT: Sensor should be installed 180 degrees from the tire valve stem. See Figure 2
  5. Tighten the band clamp on the wheel hub. See Figure 2
  6. Torque the band clamp screw to 30-45 in-lbs. (3.4-5.1 Nm). See Figure 3
  7. Ensure sensor does not move laterally or rotate on wheel hub
    • IMPORTANT: Trim excess band, leaving 3 inches. To avoid damage to the tire bead as the tire is mounted to the wheel, do not let the trimmed end of the band protrude away from the wheel. See Figure 2
  8. Install the tire onto the wheel
  9. Inflate the tire to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure
  10. Check the tire balance per the tire balance machine instructions
  11. Install the wheel/tire assembly onto the vehicle per manufacturer’s instructions

TST TPMS How To (6.14 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Setting the Temperature Alert Parameters (3.2 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Deleting a sensor (4.39 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Setting high and low pressure parameters (5.35 min)

TST 507 Series Coding (4.39 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Moving a tire to a different position (1.30 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display How to set up multiple trailers (3.44 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Configuring Bar PSI F C (3.5 min)