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free shippingTST 507H 4 Hybrid Marine Sensor Tire Kit

Price: $ 315.00

Monitor Options:

Top Features:

  • TPMS Kit w/ 4 Hybrid Marine Sensors
  • Automatic Activation When Engine is Running
  • Real Time Tire Temperature & Pressure Readings
  • Completely Sealed Sensors
  • Quickly Detects Tire Leaks & High Temperatures

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Truck System - 507H 4 Hybrid Marine Tire Sensor Kit - TST507H-4

Truck System - 4 Tire Sensors - TST507SCE4

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  •  Truck System
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  •  TST507H-4
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  •  3 Years
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  • Shipping
    GuideShipping Guide
  • Marine Sensor
    ManualHybrid Sensor Manual
  • TST Guide
    & FAQ
  • Monitor
  • Monochrome
  • Color
  • Repeater


  • 4 Hybrid Marine Sensors
  • Choice of Widescreen Monitor
    • Monochrome
    • Color
  • Installation Wrench
  • Rubber Display Mount
  • Suction Cup Display Mount
  • USB and 12V Charging Capabilities
  • Repeater/Amplifier
  • User Manual
  • 3 Year Warranty

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Instructional Video (8.24 sec)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Tips (8.2 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Manually entering a sensor code (4.40 min)

Monitor your tire temperature & pressure readings in real time with the TST 507H 4 Hybrid Marine Tire Sensor TPMS Kit. You can focus on driving safely and feel confident your TST TPMS system is keeping a close eye on your Tires.

The Hybrid Marine Sensors are completely sealed, so you can back your trailer into the water for loading and unloading your boat. The sensors can quickly detect tire leaks and high temperatures.

The kit comes with a large wide screen LCD Monitor which displays the pressure and temperature. You can either choose monochrome or color. It has a wake-up activation when your vehicle is in motion.

The hybrid sensor sends audible and visual alerts to the drivers through monitor display when temperature or pressure is outside of the user customizable thresholds.

The display will alarm for the following reasons

  • An overheating tire (HIGH TEMP at bottom of screen)
  • A rapid air loss (FAST LEAK at bottom of screen)
  • A high or low-pressure reading (be sure your parameters are set correctly)
  • A low sensor battery (upper left battery icon flashes)

Default Monitor Settings

  • Temperature: 158° F (70° C)
  • High Pressure: 175 PSI
  • Low Pressure: 100 PSI
  • Temperature Units: C Degrees
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Fast Leak Alert

Monitor Display

  • Four different trailers with sensors can be programmed into the display and each can be selected to be viewed on the screen
  • 2 mounting options
  • Choice of Color or Monochrome
  • 3.5" Screen Diagonal (versus the old model at 2.5")
  • 4.6" Wide
  • 2.99" Tall
  • 1.06" Deep
  • 4.4 ounces

Other Features

  • Color display can monitor up to four (4) trailers and a total of 115 tire positions including spares.
  • Monitors tire pressure and temperature
  • Temperature and pressure settings are configured "per axle."
  • A fully charged display will continuously operate 7-10 days on battery power
  • Audible and visual alerts on display
  • Tire pressure can be displayed in PSI or BAR
  • Motion Sensor turns on backlight automatically when vehicle is in motion
  • Tire temperature can be displayed in °C or °F
  • Rechargeable internal lithium battery charges with provided USB power cord and adapter
  • User adjustable high and low-pressure alarm levels
  • For use on rubber or metal valve stems
  • Accurate pressure readings
  • Monochrome display can monitor up to four (4) trailers and a total of 110 tire positions
  • Monitor select or drop vehicles with a single push of a button

Monitor Components & Icons:

Monitor Indicators
  1. Antenna
  2. Go Button
  3. Set Button
  4. Back Button
  5. Red LED Indicator
  6. Light Sensor
  7. - Button
  8. + Button
  9. Power On/Off
  10. Charging Port

Monitor Display Icons

TST TPMS How To (6.14 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Setting the Temperature Alert Parameters (3.2 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Deleting a sensor (4.39 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Setting high and low pressure parameters (5.35 min)

TST 507 Series Coding (4.39 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Moving a tire to a different position (1.30 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display How to set up multiple trailers (3.44 min)

TST 507 Series Wide Screen Display Configuring Bar PSI F C (3.5 min)