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King Deluxe In-Motion 3000 Satellite Antenna

Made with Pride in the USA

Made in USA

Price: $ 1,599.95



Top Features:

  • InMotion Satellite Tracking
  • Works with Dish, DirecTV, Bell ExpressVu & Free-to-Air Receivers
  • Needs 12 Volt Power Source
  • Low Profile (Only 12" High)
  • Roof Mount

Team Driving? Traveling With Your Significant Other?


King Controls - In-Motion Series - KD3000 & KD3000-B

King-Dome 3000 In-Motion Series

  •  Availability:
  •  Out of Stock - Sorry - 90 Day Lead Time
  •  Weight:
  •  15 lbs.
  •  Shipping:
  •  See Cart
  •  Tax:
  •  Paid
  •  Manufacturer:
  •  King
  •  Model No.:
  •  KD3000 & KD3000-B
  •  Dimension:
  •  28" Dia.
  •  Height:
  •  12"H
  •  Warranty:
  •  1 Year
  •  Returns:
  •  No Returns to RoadTrucker. Must Allow King Controls to Handle Any/All Issues.

  • Shipping GuideShipping Guide
  • User Manual/ TipsKD3000 - KD3000-B User Manual


  • Antenna Unit
  • Wall Mount Controller
  • Cable Entry Cover
  • 2 Coax Cables
  • External Wire Harness
  • 2 Plugs Grease Packet
  • Owner‘s Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide

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Yes! In-Motion. Be up-to-date even while heading down the highway with the Deluxe King-Dome In-Motion (3000 Series) Satellite Antenna. Features include latest DVB technology for positive satellite ID, one touch operation, and automatic satellite switching by simply changing channels.

Highly reliable with legacy stepping motor accurate control to lock into the satellite and stay locked in.

With the King-Dome In-Motion KD3000, you get to enjoy television programs while parked or driving. You also get the most HD channels available via satellite from a single antenna for the ultimate HDTV experience.

Please Note: There is no return on King Connect Satellites, except for replacement if there is a problem. King Controls  (now King Connect) wants to handle virtually ALL issues, regardless of where the Satellites was purchased, so you must contact King Connect directly regardless of what the issue is. Warranty for King's Satellites must be handled through King directly. King Satellites.

Also Note: Roof Mount shipping is too expensive to ship Free, but you will only pay for the first $90 and we will pay the balance.

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Other Features:

  • LIVE Satellite TV in Minutes
  • LIVE TV while driving down the road
  • Dual LNB for two receivers (Watch 2 different TV stations)
  • Choose White or Black Dome
  • Get latest news, weather, sports updates
  • Reliable, crystal clear satellite TV reception
  • Fully compatible with Dish Network HDTV (Eastern & Western Arcs)
  • Works with DirecTV, Dish Network and Bell TV Satellite digital service

Satellite Service Provider Compatibility

  • DISH 500 - 110, 119
  • DIRECTV* - 101, 119 (Not HD)
  • DISH 1000 HD - (110, 119, 129) and (61, 72, 77)
  • Bell TV - 91
  • Bell TV HD - 82, 91

King-Dome Systems are compatible with Dish Network and Bell TV HDTV programming.

*These antennas do not receive DIRECTV HD programming from Ka band signals on satellites 99 and 103.

*Not compatible with DirecTV SWM satellite receiver equipment