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ENFORCER Lock Box Roll-Up Door Lock for Whiting Hasp - 8055W
ENFORCER Lock Box Roll-Up Door Lock for Whiting Hasp - 8055W ENFORCER Lock Box Front ENFORCER Lock Box Back ENFORCER Lock Box Installed

ENFORCER Lock Box Roll-Up Door Lock for Whiting Hasp

Made In USA
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Invest in the ENFORCER® Trailer Lock Box #8055 today and secure your valuable cargo with ease and peace of mind.

Top Features:

  • Protects the Relatively Insecure Latch from Exposure to Cutting Tools
  • Locks Securely Whenever Door is Closed
  • Reduces Misplaced and Lost Locks
  • Most Popular RUD Lock Available
  • Designed for Delivery Vans, Box Trucks, Last Mile Delivery, Construction Trailerss
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Returns30 days w/ 20% Restocking Fee
Warranty1 Year
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Weight4 lbs
ManufacturerTransport Security
Model No.8055W

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  • ENFORCER Lock Box
    Roll-up Door LockENFORCER Lock Box Roll-up Door Lock


  • 8055W Enforcer Rool-up Door Lock for Whiting Latch
    Includes a High Security ABLOY Lock Cylinder with Disk Tumblers like a Bank Safe
  • A Set of 2 Keys w/Choice of Keying Option (for Multiple Locks)
    • Keyed Alike (Click Radial Button)
    • Keyed Differently (Default)

Trailer Lock Box

Due to Recent Extreme High Demand, the 8050 & the 8055W have a Mfg extended Lead Time of 5 to 7 Business Days.

Keying to Previous Order:

Note: Always refer back to your first lock order so all new orders will be keyed to that first order. We will try to check that your keying instructions are correct, but this is only a courtesy. You are still responsible. DO NOT USE YOUR KEY CODE.

To Key your lock order to the same as your previous lock orders, you must choose Keyed Alike and write, "Please Key to Previous Order RC########" (where ######## is your 8 digit sales Order Number of your first lock order) in the Customer Msg box.

Enforcer 8055W Roll-up Door lock is an excellent Roll-up door lock, however, RoadTrucker recommends the Enforcer 8050 w/the Quick Release for FedEx drivers. The Quick release allows opening the rear door from the inside, making deliveries more efficient.

Are you tired of worrying about the security of your valuable cargo during transportation? Look no further than the ENFORCER® Trailer Lock Box #8055! This door lock box is specifically designed to provide maximum security and ease of use for all your last mile delivery, box truck, and construction trailer needs.

Say goodbye to fumbling with padlocks and worrying about theft from forgotten locks. The ENFORCER® Trailer Lock Box #8055 is easy to install and fits Whiting® door handles, making it a versatile solution for a variety of delivery vehicles. Its spring-loaded mechanism ensures that the trailer latch will automatically lock as soon as the handle is inserted, providing a hassle-free solution for all your trailer protection needs.

With its durable construction and high-security ABLOY® lock cylinder, this lock box offers peace of mind and protection for your valuable cargo. And, because it is permanently installed on the roll up trailer door, you'll never have to worry about removing and replacing a padlock at multiple stops.

Don't let security concerns slow down your business. Invest in the ENFORCER® Trailer Lock Box #8055 today and secure your valuable cargo with ease and peace of mind. Order now and experience the confidence that comes with using the best lock box on the market!

The Enforcer Roll-up Door Lock Box is just the ticket for the driver who forgets to put the padlock on at every stop. No more lost padlocks, either. Greatly improve the security of delivery trucks with Roll-Up Doors. Easy to install permanently on the Trailer door. You just replace the latch with the Enforcer. Instructions are included. Extra key sets for any of Enforcer Locking System are also available.

8055 Truck Lock

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Buy Your Trailer Lock Box Now, and Save Time and Money.

Large orders may take longer. Sorry, No Discount or Returns on Duplicated Keys

Other Features:

  • Replaces The Standard Trailer Latch
  • Reduces Theft From Driver Forgetting To Use Padlock
  • Easy To Install
  • Includes A High Security Abloy® Lock Cylinder
  • Fits Whiting® Door Handles

ABLOY cylinders are designed with rotating discs, like the tumblers in a bank safe, instead of the traditional springs and pins. This type of construction allows for reliable function in extreme environments as well as various master keying systems. Keying systems range from individual keying to master systems that cover large and extensive fleets. Locks may be keyed alike, differently or to a master system.

ABLOY Pad Locks