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ENFORCER ABLOY Padlock for Trailers and Containers - 342

Enforcer ABLOY Lock W/Protective Sheath for Trailers & Containers

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Durable design: The lock is made from high-quality materials and features a sturdy construction, ensuring it can withstand tough conditions and provide long-lasting security.

Top Features:

  • Hardened Steel Shackle
  • Heel & Toe Locking
  • Rotating Disc Cylinder
  • Spring-Free Construction
  • Stainless Steel Ball Bearings Dead-Lock the Shackle at Both Ends
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Warranty1 Year
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ManufacturerTransport Security
Model No.342
Lead Time: 4 to 6 Business Days, despite demand.

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  • 342 Enforcer ABLOY Lock W/Protective Sheath for Trailers & Containers
  • A Set of 2 Keys w/Choice of Keying Option (for Multiple Locks)
    • Keyed Alike (Click Radial Button)
    • Keyed Differently (Default)

Abloy 342 Lock Dimensions

ABLOY Pad Locks 341/50

The Abloy padlocks are made of chrome plated lock body that provides maximum resistance against corrosion in marine and coastal environments. They cannot be bump keyed, nor can you use a plastic pen to open them.

The ENFORCER ABLOY 342 Padlocks for trailers and containers uses a series of disc tumblers that function like the tumblers in a bank safe. Only the correct key turned 90 degrees will align the discs and gates. The key can only be removed by reversing it to a stop that automatically rescrambles the discs.

Large orders may take longer. Sorry, No Discount or Returns on Duplicated Keys

ABLOY locks have a unique rotating disk cylinder that operates in severe climates and is effectively pick resistant. The tumblers function like the tumblers in a bank vault.

ABLOY Pad Locks

Other Features:

  • Rotating Disc Cylinder
    • Mechanical operation enables lock to resist extreme environmental conditions.
  • Heel & Toe Locking
    • Stainless steel ball bearings dead-lock the shackle at both ends for a strong hold.
  • Hardened-Steel Lock Housing
    • Provides tough resistance to physical attack on trailers such as drills, chisels and cutting tools.
    • ABLOY® product is also bump-proof.
  • Chrome Plated Lock Body
    • Support maximum resistance against corrosion in coastal and marine environments.
  • Oversized Drainage Holes
    • Allow moisture to escape, which helps prevent corrosion and reduces dirt build-up.
  • False Gates
    • Provide an additional protection, making picking virtually impossible.
  • Spring-Free Construction
    • No critical springs to break, corrode or jam if foreign material is inserted; great for outdoor use.
    • Hardened-Steel, Free-Spinning Keyway
    • The keyway face spins freely to prevent drill bits from penetrating the lock.
  • Heavy Duty Keys
    • Constructed of strong Nickel Silver to provide smooth, reliable operation with lasting durability