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Trucker Lap Desk With Micro-Bead Comfort Cushion RPLD45244

Price: $ 26.80

Top Features:

  • Provides Smooth Writing Surface
  • Place on Steering Wheel to Create a Convenience Desk Top Area
  • Work, Play or Eat Comfortably In Your Seat or Bunk
  • Great for Trucks, Cars, Boats, RVs or Home Use
  • Soft Padded Bottom - Smooth Top Surface

RoadPro - Trucker Lap Desk With Micro-Bead Comfort Cushion - RPLD45244

Trucker Lap Desk - With Micro-Bead - Comfort Cushion

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  •  RPLD45244
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RoadPro's new padded Lap-Desk comes with a form fitting Micro-Bead Comfort Cushion which makes it a Great gift for anyone who travels. Trucker's can fill out their Logs, expense reports and any other written work.

RoadPro's Lap-desk can be used as a reading desk for those who like to rest their elbows while reading or just relax and have a flat surface to lay their book on. Place on the top of your steering wheel, as a nice alternative to using on your lap.

Pictured is RoadTrucker®'s Vice President of Operations, Marissa Oddo, holding RoadPro's new Lap-Desk.

The bottom of the Lap-desk has a Micro-bead cushion that form fits to your lap, making it comfortable to use. The picture at the bottom is a closer view of the Lap-Desk by itself. Click either photo for a larger and better view.

RoadPro Trucker Lap Desks