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Shipping By Xmas

See Disclaimer NOTE Below

Ok, so you procrastinated, instead of doing your Xmas shopping.  Now what?  There is may still be time for some of you to get a gift by Xmas, If you are lucky enough to be living close to RoadTrucker, or one of our suppliers. You will have to look at the shipping maps (see links below) and see if your delivery address is one day from any of them. We do not recommend overnight, as it can be extremely expensive. 

You can also pay for Overnight and get it any where in the US, but I am warning you, it is expensive. First understand that UPS will not be delivering on the following days.

Wednesday, the 24th
Thursday, the 25th.

That means that, if you are located within 1 day, and you order by Monday morning, the 22nd and if the distributor can get it out the door right away, you might just get your gift before Xmas.

Chances are that RoadPro products, which include several manufacturers, will be your best bet in most cases.

RoadPro ships, RoadPro, AntennaCraft, Archos, Archos, Argus, Audiovox, Barkan, Bell/Victor, Big Ideas, Blue Coral, Cardinal Games, Cequent, Charles D. Owen, Cloudz, Cobra, Coleman, Convenience Kits International, Dickies, ECO Flaps, Equity, Excalibur, Garmin, Gatco Knives / Great American Tool, Jazz Products, Jwin, K40, KIDDE, King Controls, KONETA, Lasonic, Living Essentials, Lowrance, LumaGear, Magellan, Memorex, Midland, Miscellaneous Items, Mohu, Motorola, Mpac, Naxa, Northpoint Trading, Olympia, Patented Products, PcMiler, Plews/Edelman, Ranger, RCA, RoadPro, Salton, Skyworth, Solarcon, Tectran, TruckFridge, TruckSpec, Uniden, West Chester, Wilson, Wolo Manufacturing, Xantrex, Zasty and Zippo.

RoadPro has 2 warehouses that they ship from. One in PA and one in Salt Lake City. Most states can be delivered to within the 2-days. Here are the shipping maps.

Shipping From Elizabethtown, PA   (1st Shipping Map)
Shipping from Salt Lake City, Utah  (2nd Shipping Map)

Engel Products can ship from 2 places
Shipping from Wilmington, NC
Shipping From Jupiter, FL

Rand McNally 7" Products
Shipping from Wilmington, NC

Rand McNally 5" Products can ship from 3 places
Shipping from Wilmington, NC
Shipping From Elizabethtown, PA   (1st Shipping Map)
Shipping from Salt Lake City, Utah  (2nd Shipping Map)

War-Lok Products
Shipping from Dallas, TX

Power Hunt Products
Shipping from Tualatin, OR

American Chrome Products
Shipping from Bolingbrook, IL

JJ Keller Products
Shipping From Neenah, WI

Koolatron Products
Shipping from Batavia, NY

Galaxy Products
Shipping From Albany, OR

Summit Products
Shipping From Bronx, NY

AirHawk Products
Shipping From Belleville, IL

Disclaimer Note: We are making "NO Guarantees" here. We have spent a bit of time to try and give you as much information as possible to help you get your last minute trucker gifts delivered by Xmas, but it is still your responsibility, so if you happen to be one of those individuals who never want to take responsibility for anything, or blame everyone else when things do not happen the way they expected, then quit frankly shop some place else. We are not working for you. We are  working for the overwhelming majority of customer who are reasonable and can appreciate the extra time we put into this for them, even if the last minute gift does not make it in time, as expected.

For those who are not real comfortable with the internet, call us and we will check the shipping map and give you our best estimate on delivery. Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays. Frank and Marissa.

ps. A note about shipping in general to help you better understand the time it might take.:

It is important to understand that there are 2 times that make up the total time for the delivery of your purchase. The first is Product Fulfillment and the second is Product Delivery.

  1. The time of Product Fulfillment is the time is takes to get your order, process the credit card information, send it to the warehouse, waiting in the warehouse queue, pull it from the shelves (or possible manufacturing time), and put it on the delivery truck. This time usually takes anywhere from a few hours to 3 or 4 days if your order is places on Friday afternoon and has to wait until Monday (or Tuesday if a holiday). It can take as much as 2 or 3 weeks if the product has to be manufactured.

    Note: We will process your order Sunday night and make sure it gets delivered to the warehouses before they open Monday. We will also process any order coming in before 12 noon EST and get it into the warehouse before 12:20 pm. We will also contact each of our distributors and encourage they get then shipped out Monday, although all of them already do that.

  2. The second, Product Delivery time, is what you pay for by selecting Ground, 2-Day or 3-Day. This usually takes anywhere from 1 to 6 days and weekends and holidays do not count. Selecting 3-days can actually take as many as 6 days if it includes a weekend and a holiday. What all delivery agents use is 3 working days. There is no such thing as Guaranteed 3-day counting the day of the order. We have had customers enter their order on Friday and expect it on Sunday. It is unrealistic, since it will not even be shipped until Monday (if not a holiday) at the earliest and Thursday would be 3-day (if Monday ,Tuesday & Wednesday are not holidays).

    Note: Ups is usually very accurate with these shipping maps, but there are some states that will have 2 different ship times, which may be hard to distinguish, but I would guess you would already know if shipping to your area might be delayed. There is also the possibility that the Vendors might use FedEx, which may have a different shipping schedule. Naturally Marissa and I are hoping for the best for each of you.