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Product Feedback

Letters to Help RoadTrucker® Stay Error Free

Welcome to our new section for Product Feedback.  Here is where we print the email and letters from customers about our products. You are welcome to write about the good and the bad.  Tell us how you used the product, especially if you found a new and creative application for it.  How was that installation?  How could it be made better?  You tell us and hopefully other customers can use the information. don't be shy. Write us a review or send me an email. hugs Tina

We are being forced to suspend our little fun here because someone is sending a ton of users to our website who are giving us error information that we are not interested in. We have had 6 mentioning capitalization and most do not even tell us the webpage. If you are a customer, let us know and we will still play our little game of keeping the website right and sending you our Free Gift. Thanks for your understanding.  Frank

Freeland, MI United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I purchased a refurbished 15" Skyworth TV/DVD from RoadTrucker [RT]. For all intents and purposes, the TV was new, right down to packaging. There is not a blemish or fingerprint on the case, and every pixel lights up. I thank RT for offering the "refurb" option. RT sent me a detailed email regarding care that must be taken to plug in the power cord so that the DC polarity is correct, and not to damage the TV. I made sure the cord was correctly plugged in before applying power. I was especially impressed with the large number of input and output jacks available to record programs or to connect to a stereo sound system. Being a ham radio operator, I know quality electronics when I see it. This TV is NOT cheaply made, and far exceeded my expectations. With only rabbit ears for an antenna, I am getting 9 channels, 3 in High Definition. This speaks highly of the receiver's sensitivity [ability to pull in stations].. I'm a happy camper, and would recommend RoadTrucker 
refurbished TVs to anyone wanting to save money. The TV/DVD is as good as new, AND has the same warranty as a new product. Would I buy from RT again? You're darn tootin' I would.

Frank Hi Ken,,
I apologize for replying so late, but we have just been slammed to the wall. Thank you for the nice comments and especially for the Review of the Skyworth Refurbished. The 15" Skyworth is was one of the best TVS we ever sold. In fact, the only thing I could find to complain about was the way they made the power plug. Marissa and I were delighted when RoadTrucker was selected to sell the refurbished TV/DVD. We own 3 Skyworth TVs ourselves, so we stand behind them completely, but customers who do not know Marissa and, find it more credible when other customers like yourself tell them about the products. So once again, thank you for taking your valuable time and writing up such a good review. I am sure others will find it very useful.
Dunedin, FL United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
HI - I want to first thank you for the speedy delivery. I love my Naxa TV. Only one problem...if you are sitting lower than level with the screen, the picture gets darker, so you can't view it from anywhere. HOWEVER, it works beautifully, is soooo easy to move. I love the carrier handle and the bottom stand. What an ingenious idea. I needed a small TV for my Kitchen, and really didn't have room for the HD box, so just sitting on my counter, it is the perfect size. You people were so wonderful, emailing me with info on the TV. Thank you. It was a pleasure dealing with you! I've been in NY working for a month and can hardly wait to get back to actually watch TV with my morning coffee!!!

Frank Hi Joan,
Most of the LCD TV do not have the range that the CRT TVs had. The CRT's were oval, but the LCD are flat. The rage from side to side is always better than the range from top to bottom, but you should be able to move up and down some without a problem. I do not think you can mount them on the ceiling facing straight on and lay in bed and watch them, but if the TV is on a stand and your sitting on the floor watching it should be ok. One nice thing about the LCD is that you can mount them on a tilt mount with ease. Just make sure you have a VESA 100 compatible mount for 13" to 26" LCD TVS. We have a few of them here, but you can just pick one up at Wal-Mart. Editor's Note: Joan is specifically talking about the 13443: NAXA.
Kennebunkport, ME United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Bet you thought I wasn't going to get back to you. We departed for the Bahamas in late October from the lower Chesapeake and ended our trip June 2nd back in Kennebunkport, Maine. The Engels made this second trip to the Bahamas that much better. The prior year we were on the boat the better part of 10 months and spent between $300 and $400 for ice, mainly to keep food cool in the refrigerator. Although it has a functioning Adler, it is inefficient and would run only when the engine was going as it consumed too much power. Being a sailboat that is not the desired mode. This year we kept the Engels going 24/7 and never purchased any ice. One third of the Model 45 was devoted to ice making. We constantly kept 4 containers freezing small blocks, roughly 9"x6"x4" and alternated harvesting 2/day. On top of that, we had a daily supply of ice cubes from 2 ice trays. The other two thirds was available for freezing food such as meats, chicken, vegetables, fresh caught fish such as Mahi Mahi, and occasional ice cream. Spending most of our time anchored away from civilization our daily diet was much superior to the previous year. I kept the freezer at the maximum setting and defrosted the unit only three times. In order to achieve this, I kept both battery banks on . The two house batteries are #27 600CCA/750MCA and the one engine battery, #25 520CCA. In most cases, the batteries would fall to 11.75 to 12.0 volts by morning - usually enough to start the engine. That would be after a night of interior lights, anchor light, Sirius radio, some computer, anchor alarm on the GPS and, of course, the Engels. During the day, it would take up to seven hours of engine (only a 90 watt alternator) to fully recharge (including leaving the Adler going). Otherwise, our Honda 2000 watt generator could achieve same in 3 and 1/2 hours. We do not have solar panels nor a wind generator. Basically, that means the Engels pays for itself in 2 years and allows for more time away from a marina with an improved menu. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for your advice and guidance on picking the model we chose. Best regards,

Frank Hi Bill,
Outstanding feedback. I am sure that many of our customers, and future customers, will appreciate what you have to say. I have already put your valuable feedback on the website. I especially appreciated the information on the way the batteries held up under heavy application. The Engels are indeed a highly efficient product that will not let you down. Safe Sailing to you.
Fallston, Maryland United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I ordered the NAXA 13" Digital TV for the cabin of my boat. First of all, the TV arrived in just 3 days. My expectations were not very high in terms of the picture quality. I have to tell you that this TV has an awesome picture! I have an amplified omni-directional antenna on the radar arch of my boat, and with the over-the-air digital transmissions, I'm able to watch beautiful, clear, sharp images in HD. I am truly amazed at this TV. It is packed with features, and I have already recommended it to two of my boating friends that need to replace their useless analog TV's. Thanks for your great service too.

Frank Hi Mike,
We own the NAXA and agree. For such a small TV, the picture is awesome.
Denver CO United States Flag
Hi Frank,
I must say that I did not completely understand this product when I bought it. I was confused as to why you could not power the coffee maker directly from the lighter, but you can plug the mobile power pack into the lighter with the coffee maker plugged into it. I still don't understand it but it works and Frank I'm telling you it works fantastic. You said 3 minutes. It did not seem that it even took 3 minutes and I was drinking my coffee and it was hot just the way I like it. Thank you so much for all the time you took with me trying to explain how it works. You guys at Roadtrucker are the best.

Frank Hi Dee,
It has to do with time. The Coffee Maker needs 25 Amps fast (2 minutes), but the Portable Power Pack can charge back up slowly at less amperage so the lighter can handle it. I am very happy you are enjoying your new coffee maker. Don't forget do NOT need to have it plugged into the lighter in order to use it; and you can also charge the Portable Power Pack back up at home by plugging it into a 120 wall outlet.
Cleveland, Ohio United States Flag
I bought the high performance cofee maker and breakfast griddle from you. wow what a complete surprise and delight. I have to admit that I thought it was pure bull when you said the coffee will brew in 3 minutes. I am a coffee lover and I bought many different brands of 12v coffee makers over the years. They were all dissapointing. Who wants to wait 45 minutes to an hour for lukewarm coffee? What a wast of money. They suck. but the power hunt 12v coffee maker totally rocks. I also tried the breakfast griddle and made the best breakfast I have ever made on the road. unbelievably delicious. I am so impressed with these extrordinary applainces that you wil see my order for the Freebird lunch kit, and the contact grill. I plan to use the extra coffee maker in my pickup. I cannot thank you enough roadtrucker.

Frank Hi Larry,
I can't agree with you more. The power Hunt High Performance Appliances are the absolute "Cream of the Crop" when it comes to 12 Volt Appliances. I honestly believe that you cannot get a real good meal unless you are using one of them. At least not in your vehicle.  The 12 Volt lighter adaptor in the vehicles, just can NOT provide enough power to really do any serious heating. And your right about most of the 12 Volt Coffee Makers. They just do not make the cut. It's just too bad the manufacturers do not put the Power Strip in the vehicles when they make them. There would be a lot more happy campers out there. Oh ya.. And Truckers too. :o)
Depew, NY United States Flag
This TV is absolutely awesome! For one thing, I purchased this for my Coleman tent camper and I use an amplified antenna modified to my camper. Anyway, I will say the power consumption was a big concern because I "dry camp" meaning no shore power is available. So my concern about battery power was huge. Guess what, the first thing I did was put my Fluke meter on this thing and found that it consumes only (and I mean only) 1.2 amps of power in TV mode. That's a RV light bulb folks. That's not much all things considered. I think this is one, fantastic, great TV!!! In digital mode TV, this picture is the best picture of any TV I presently own. This might be the best $299 I spent on the tent camper. The shipment came in really fast too (I live in Buffalo NY).

Frank Hi Roger,
What can I say? I have to agree with you. It is a very impressive "big" little TV. Enjoy. Your feedback is appreciated. By the way, did my write-up help, or did you find it useful?
Hagerman, Idaho United States Flag
I rec'd my VuQube and it works as advertised. What a neat unit. Thanks for the super service.

Frank Hi Carl,
Can't remember if I replied back, but just in case. Thanks for the
feedback. No complaints so far with them.
Lago Vista, TX United States Flag
Greetings: Just recieved my portable VuQube today. Hooked it up to my motorhome and in less than 5 minutes had a picture. We have spent up to 2 hours trying to find the satellite signal with our old portable satellite dish. This product is just awsome. RoadTrucker® had it shiped and I had it in 3 days. You guys are the greatest, keep up the good work.

Frank Hi David,
That you for the great feedback. I had no idea that it could take up to 2 hours to get a signal, but I can see that if your not aware of the elevation factor which the Vu Qube makes very clear, and the conditions are not the best, it could be very difficult. We are also very pleased with the company, as they are responsive to their customers, back up their product and they also are made in the "US of A" which seems to be getting rare these days.
Livingston, TX United States Flag
Frank: The Vu Qube V10 that I ordered form you arrived today and in a few minutes time I had it hooked up and it found the Direct TV satellite in about two minutes with just as strong a signal as my home roof mounted dish and motorhome mounted dish are able to acquire. Easy to operate and the range of the transmitter signal to the VuQube for operation seems to be about 45 feet maximum outdoors. It will do just what I want as a secondary dish to carry with me in my motorhome and set up quickly when we no longer can get a view of the satellite because of overhead trees. Thanks for the quick response to my order and truthful info about the dish. You are to be commended when there are a few not-so-honest dealers on the net. Best regards,

Frank Hi Norman,
Thank you for the feedback and the kind words. I especially appreciate you checking the distance. I added it to the website, as that information can be valuable to others. I bought a video camera and we are going to actually walk through the Satellite setup. I hope we can get a fairly decent video. Thanks again.
El Cerrito, CA United States Flag
Hi Frank,
Sorry I didn't get this photo to you sooner-- I didn't have time to do it before leaving for the weekend. Here is the paper label pasted to the inside of my Koolatron Companion 26 with "Made In China" clearly written on it. By the way, I used the cooler on my trip and it worked perfectly. I am very pleased with the product. Thanks! Best regards

Frank Hi Laurie,
You were right and we have already changed our website to reflect the 90 day warranty. Naturally we will back your Cooler for 1 year as advertised at the time of your purchase.
Dexter, MO United States Flag
Just received my road trucker heater-works great-thanks-jay

Frank Thanks Jay,
Always nice to get product feedback to share with other customers.
Aliso Viejo, CA United States Flag
Hi Frank,
I am giving up on Koolatron. Please refund me the money by credit back my credit card. Let me know when to expect the refund. Your company and business is one of the best in the industry. I hope to do business with you again in the near future. Best,

Frank Hi Steve,
You card has been credited. (Editors Note: Steve bought the new Cooler form Koolatron with the battery backup.  It was bad. The replacement was also bad, It's the reason we do not recommend Koolatron's new Cooler.)
Albuquerque, NM United States Flag
I received the TV yesterday. The foam packing was broken but I checked it out and it works fine. FYI: It is advertised as 13" and the box is marked 13". However, the instructions say 14". I measured the screen diagonally and it is 14".

Thanks for the excellent service.

Frank Hi George,
We have found that they tend to tie the straps tightly on the pallet and the TVS that are on the corner by the straps tend to get the foam damaged, but so far, the TVs have been in fine shape. I really appreciate the feedback. I bought one myself, but I haven't had the time to check it out. That's a great bonus though, isn't it. We have caught up on our backorders of these and so far, not one complaint, so our expectations are high. Thanks for the great feedback.
Ogden, Utah United States Flag
Thank you for the great service and product you send me. I gave the 12-Volt heating blanket to my wife as a gift. We are complete opposites. She likes to be toasty, and I like a fresh cool breeze. This blanket has make us enjoy driving around in the vehicle together a lot nicer. She plugs in the blanket and in just minutes gets the biggest smile on her face. It brings me joy to see her so warm and comfortable. If we know we will be back in the vehicle with in a couple hours, she will leave it plugged in and dives under it when we get back. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  The only draw back to this model is there is no control. It is either plugged in, or unplugged. It would be nicer to have a on/off switch. And besides, if we couldn't complain about something, would we truely enjoy everything else. Thanks again.

Frank Hi Keith,
I love the Koolatron products. If you think their blankets are good, try one of their 12-Volt Coolers.  Thanks for your kind comments.
Jacksonville, IL United States Flag
Frank, I got my replacement seat and it is working great. Thanx for your help. I hope you sell a few million of those as I think it is as close to a miracle as I have seen in a while.

Frank Hi Tom,
Yaa. I agree. I have not had any back pains since I started using mine. It was way more than I expected. Enjoy..
Axton, VA United States Flag
Frank, We haul refrigerated freight. Recently (the past year), there has been a number of loaded trucks/trailers stolenThis can be devastating to a small trucking company. One loss like this one can leave you without insurance and a business. The last attempt was blocked by the Tab 10 air brake lock. The shipper is now requiring the Tab 10 before freight is moved from their warehouse. If we had only known such an inexpensive device could have saved us so much stress...

Frank Hi Vanessa,
I am so glad that the War-Lok lock has already proven itself to you. When I first started handling them, I thought they were a bit expensive, but when you consider what the devil they are protecting, your absolutely right, they are dirt cheap. I love these locks because they are high quality and they work. And speaking of Insurance, the Tab 10 also comes with a Free 10K insurance policy which isn't hard to take. Small Trucking businesses need all the help they can get, especially with the high fuel prices. Thanks for the great feedback. I hope your business prospers and your Trucks stay safe.
Groveland, IL United States Flag
I have just returned from a 10 day cruise and the Koolatron cooler worked wonderfully! In an 80 degree f. environment it stayed below 40f at all times, and even froze a few things until I learned to allow for better air circulation around the fan. I would recommend this cooler and your website to anyone looking for a thermoelectric cooler.

Frank Hi Janet,
I agree, as another customer told me.  These Coolers Rock. I could not have said it better myself. Thanks for the nice comment about our website. I put a lot of work into it.
Training/Safety Manager United States Flag
Frank, the guys "Love" them. Great job and Great service, thanks for all of your help.

Editor Note: Calvin is referring to the 1/2 dozen War-Lok Glad Hand Locks he purchased for Michelin Aircraft Tire.
Lake, Michigan United States Flag
Dear RoadTrucker®,
I have been a trucker for 16 years and have suffered from chronic neck and back pain. I purchased the comfort seat about 6 months ago. I just can't believe what a difference it has made. I have greatly reduced the pain and muscle spasms in my back. My ride is so much smoother and comfortable thanks to this comfort seat. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your dedication to driver comfort and safety. Thanks again!

Frank Hi Todd,
Thanks for the great feedback. I'm sure other customers will benefit from it.  Thanks
Cincinnati, Oh United States Flag
Koolatron arrived today w/ 120/12 converter. Size is perfect and the build quality is quite good (I assume the small opening with exposed wires in the bay adjacent to cord bay on the lid is not a problem (wiring appears tidy). There does, however, appears to be a problem: when I plug the unit into the converter or into my car's cigarette lighter, the air blown into the cooler is hot and the air exhausted from the top of the lid is cooler. Is it possible the polarity is wrong?

Frank Hi David,
You got it David. Most of the Koolatron Coolers act as warmers when you reverse the plug. I think only 2 are Coolers only.
Olustee, OK United States Flag
annual vehicle inspection forms
we ordered a case of these forms and am totally not satisfied with them. they are all individuall wrapped and folded. they are a pain to get opened as they are stapled. they are wrinlkled and the carbon is not in the correct place to write on. i would appreciate any help in this matter as they are not in the least user friendly. thank you

Note: The forms are individually wrapped because they include the Inspection sticker. We have not found them hard to open, but do understand that opening each one might be aggravating to some. We apologize for any inconvenience.  Frank
Millerton, PA United States Flag
Hi Frank
Just wanted to drop you a little commentary on the Air Hawk Pro 22x22 seat cushion device. One of the major nuisances I have encountered over the last couple of years of driving a Freightliner Centruy is the fact that, when I stop, I can hardly move my legs to get out of the truck, much less walk. With the Airhawk Pro, that is no longer a problem, even after driving 5 hours continuously or more. Also, it has enhanced my ability to safely get out of the truck, since my legs aren't numb and don't feel like they're ready to buckle out from under me. I had a little trouble geting it set right, at first, but that was my own fault, since I had accidentally left the instruction book at home. It wasn't hard to figure out though, and when I checked the instructions, after returning home at the end of the week, it turned out I had set it up correctly anyway. I found the directions to be correct and easy to follow, and it was a breeze getting the seat installed on my truck's built in seat. To be fair, there is only one drawback I have had with the Air Hawk, it doesn't breathe well in hot weather and makes my legs sweat, but I got around that by putting a bath towel over it to wick away any excess moisture. All in all a very wise purchase, and a great fathers day gift surprise, from my honey. Hope all your other Airhawk customers are as well pleased. Thanks for a big help,

Frank Hi Jim,
I have the seat myself, so I understand completely.