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Hours-of-Service Feedback

Opinions on Hour of Service Rules...

What do you have to say on the Hours-of-Service Rules? Write us a review or Send us an email hugs Tina.

Pennsylvania United States Flag
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Regarding the Hours of Service(HOS) . For the most part the Hos are correct. DOT cannot be argued. But 11 hours before stopping is a bit much. Sometimes I have driven for 8 -10 and taken a 3 hour break while waiting to be unloaded, and then drive a full 11 hours after that where, I am fine. This is from the wee hours of the morning to start and then not stopped until
10 pm to find a suitable place to settle down for the night. but after 6 days this will catch up on me. And then I need to sit for 34 to gain full alertness. IMHO >The RoadRunner
Groveland United States Flag
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The bottom line with the new hours of service is to make sure the DOT issues as many tickets as they can. We have to pay for new scales u know. They make the new HOS hard to understand. There's no reason for it. I understand having the HOS.So we get enough sleep.But what I dont understand is why logg EVERY SINGLE STOP. Why does putting yourself on line 1 get counted against your 14 hrs but line 2 doesn't. If we forget to logg something we get a fine for it.some of the fines can be up to $11.000.Come on now dont u think thats a bit steep.The bottom line is u all want to see the truck drivers off the rds.It dont take no rocket scientists to figure that one out.Well u just think about this,if it wasnt for the truck drivers u would have NOTHING.I would love to see all the truck drivers go on strike.Id be leading the pack
Marion, WI United States Flag
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The only way that truckers can cause change in these rediculous rule is for all the otr drivers to park thier rigs for about a week and refuse to run. This would cripple everything, and then the driver would have a voice. It is a fact that it is usually the four-wheelers that cause the accidents involving tractor-trailers. The Big Trucks are Too Big, They stick out more in an accident like a sore thumb I believe that this is the reason that the professional drivers are usually blamed. Now would be the time to park'em, the government could not pick up the slack our troops are involved in that Incident in Iraq. Stand Up Or Shut Up!
Fairborn, Ohio United States Flag
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Keep HOS rules the same USA and Canada. Many Cdn Drivers also work the USA..Rule change at the border makes it difficult for drivers to know compliance. Not allowing to split the sleeper time may be a good safety decission because it prevents drivers from using load unload time as their sleeper time..(a time that they don't really get good rest). However 10 hrs per period is too long...most of us can't sleep straight for 10 hrs.. and what does a driver do in his truck for straight 10 hrs..??? Since taking the split away make the period 8 canada..
Alberta, Canada United States Flag
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What I laugh at most is not the hours of service, I can put up with either,but the people that are making up these rules have most likely never spend any time in a truck,or around the folks who have to obey the rules. P.S,log book find in Penna. is $580.00,ouch!!!!
Essex, Maryland United States Flag
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the problem is that its going to take the trucking companys to stick together and start charging these shippers and receivers, for making the driver wait. and you know thats not going to happen.
Michigan United States Flag
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I drove a truck for 5 years. This law and all the laws that discriminate again truck drivers is the reason I won't drive a truck. Im glad my family has a farm, we can grow and make what we need. Until this law is repealed you will see another 250,000 drivers leave the road in the next 2 years. Our transportation infrastructure is crumbling as I write this comment. People that have never driven a truck should not be making laws for trucks, just another idiot behind a computer that think science is right. Instead of trying to convenience the general population that this change was necessary. FMCSA should learn what goes on behind the scene first then make a ruling. I know that 7 states that have a major split speed limit causes more road deaths each year than any tired driver will ever. I really doesn't matter how many rules or laws they pass. If a man has to make a living they will do it my any means necessary. Including running over the hours.
Ohio United States Flag
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Hi Tina,
As a long time driver, i see the new rules as good and bad. The part of getting your full hours of service back after 34 or 36 hours off duty is good. The major "BAD" part of the change is not being able to log off for lunch and break and not have it count against your hrs. of service. There is a segment of trucking that wasn't looked at, and that is the multi stop, rural route driving. Here in Oregon it's nothing to run 400-500+ miles a day delivering wood products all over the state. Now we run the 14 hours non stop, no break, no lunch just to make it work. Where is the safety in this. We have been forced to run hard now just to do the job.