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RoadTrucker Customer Comments

Letters to RoadTrucker® Editor...

Hi.  I'm Tina, RoadTrucker's Product Manager and I would love to hear from you.  The good & the bad. Well ok.. maybe I won't love the bad as much, but how else can we continue to improve RoadTrucker® and provide good customer service?

So write me or my brother Frank a review or send me an email. hugs Tina Oh! And don't forget to check out our new Product Feedback Page. More nice comments from customers. Here are some nice comments from a few of our great customers.

Lake, Michigan United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Just a note to say Thank You, I purchased my Engel Fridge back in September 2012 and I love it! It allows me to keep my food cold and save a ton of money while on the road.
Grimsby, Ontario, CANADA United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Frank, now that you mention it, I just checked that paper with the map on it and there is no mark on it. I noticed it as soon as I took the paper off, I thought it was dust and tried to wipe it off. Quality control at the factory must have missed it. Like I said, at certain angles you can't see it and when turned on, it's not visible at all. All in all, I'm very happy with it. The refund you gave me made my day, It's nice NOT to be treated like you don't matter. If I could figure out how to leave feedback on your site , I'd let everyone know that the place to shop is Road Trucker . Thanks again for the excellent service and later on down the road there's a couple other items I'll be purchasing from you. From a very happy customer, Pete.
Norco, CA United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Just received replacement, thanks for the quick work. Good Job!
Savannah, Georgia United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
wow. Thanks. You obviously care very much about your customer to send a special notice about the product. Very much appreciated
Alberta Canada United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Thanks Frank, Great service & communication from you. I'm sure this wont be my last purchase !!! Thanks Buddy.
Matlock, MB Canada United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hi Frank and Marissa Thank you very much for your assistance, it is greatly appreciated. This is superior customer service bar non. I will be back once I upgrade my RV's TV from analog to digital. In the meanwhile I'm looking forward to receiving my GSP. Thanks again
Toronto, ON Canada United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Good morning Frank, Thank you so much for taking the time for your reply e-mail as well as your phone call. It was a big help, and you were right in the advice you gave. Thanks again.
Cape Coral, FL United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Frank-Marissa, thank you for help in getting the gps i needed. I received in good condition and on time. I appreciated and i give your service a 5 over all thank you!
Wilmington, Illinois United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Thank you for your excellent customer service... I'd highly recommend you to others & hope to do business with you again real soon!
Harrison, Arkansas United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Thank you for the call. I greatly appreciate it. In this day and age customer service is hard to find. I will continue to do business with you in the future. Thank you.
Oriental, North Carolina United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hello Frank, Thank you for your attention in the matter. My boat is going together and cannot wait to try out the items that I received from you. Again thank you, it is a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do so again in the future. I have your web site bookmarked. Regards
Parker, Colorado United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Thank you Frank! It is my husbands Christmas present so that is great! Thank you for the update and the extra work to get it here in time for Christmas! I appreciate it and will tell others about your website and outstanding customer service!!!!
Youngstown, Ohio United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Frank, Great service so far. We were getting ready to leave at 10am yesterday when I heard a horn blow and low and behold the new TV was here all ready. So it got in the house before we left and stayed dry from the rain. Let it set all day and some today then I will start to set it up here in the house. Thanks for the great service so far.
Shawnee, Kansas United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I apologize, I got caught up on another project. I resubmitted and believe I got it right this time. Your price and honesty definitely make Road Trucker the top choice for any purchase. I have no doubt you will be getting my business again. Thanks a lot!
Youngstown, Ohio United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
So far all is working great and I love the TV. Thanks for the great service and information on the TV.
Guys Mills, Pennsylvania United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I recently purchased the Coleman 40 qt. cooler. Really fast shipment. My husband will be thrilled. Easy ordering and fast shipment-Thank you, 5 *'s
Rockfall, Connecticut United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Frank: You have been a gentleman to deal with and will highly recommend your company to all 250 boaters at our marina! Thanks and may God Bless you...................
Alvin, Texas United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Wow! Thanks for sending this to me. I am certain it will help a lot, I am going to go through it step by step when I set it up. Thanks!
Northampton, Pennsylvania United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
We got our heater. Thank you for the added customer service. You took the extra measures and it didn™t go unnoticed. Thanks again.
Superior, Wisconsin United States Flag
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Hello, I received my box this morning, thank you so much for all you did to get this to me, my husband will be home this weekend and is all happy that he has a new toy to play with, he is an over the road truck driver and is really sick of getting lost so I am sure this will help a lot in that issue. Thanks again and the next time I need ( or he wants) something for his truck yours is the first site I will go to.
Centerville, OH United States Flag
thanks again Frank, I figured this out after I received the delivery, so ignore my later e-mail to you. Yours is a truly amazing company, I've never received such good support, and I've been in business 33 years. i wish everyone was as caring and invested in their business as you are. You guys have got to be the most responsive and responsible company I've ever dealt with, and I'm 60 years old. It appears from your website that you are real red blooded Americans too. Your communication is truly outstanding and greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Island, New York United States Flag
I want to thank you for the speedy shipping and the quality TV set. I will be passing your site along to my friends.
Ottawa, ON Canada United States Flag
Thank you thank you thank you! You are lighting fast Frank!! I really appreciate all your help and we will be looking forward to shopping with you in 2011 :) Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!
Fulton, MS United States Flag
Thank You so much for getting this resolved so quickly. I really appreciate it. Have a great Holiday. Nicole Burrows, East Hartford, Connecticut

Frank, I cannot ask for better service! Many thanks and have a blessed Christmas.
Devoti Brooklyn, NY United States Flag
Wow, Thanks a lot this is better service than any place I′ve dealt with. I′m looking for a GPS, do deal with these item?. It is for my boat (Garmin brand) Thanks
Austin, Texas United States Flag
Frank: Thank you so much for keeping me posted about my recent order. It makes all the difference in the world to know when there is a delay, and I completely understand when things happen that are out of our control. I greatly appreciate your professional approach to customer service. Thanks again
Berlin, Maryland United States Flag
Frank, Thank you so much for your kindness. My husband recently became a trucker, so this is all new to me, but when I found your website I was so excited. I have already added it to my favorites. Have a nice day and again, thank you.
Boscawen, NH United States Flag
thanks for the great transaction i received my product today and it is as advertised...just wanted to say thanks.
Philadelphia, PA United States Flag
Police Headquarters, Castries St. Lucia, West Indies United States Flag
I must express my gratitude with the way you have assisted me. You have taken customer service to a higher level.
Wharton, TX United States Flag
Love both TV, the 13 in and 19 in.
Wootton North Little Rock, AR United States Flag
Frank, my tracking # is 1z7191720354538225 on UPS. Thank You for your so much for your assistance. This whole process has taken such a long time with all of the back order, shipping problems and now the dead TV . However your Co. has been great with keeping me informed all the way through the process and even helping with my choice during the selection process with real informed feedback about the products I was considering. NONE of the other sites could begin to answer my questions. Again Thank You so much for your help.
Sheridan, OR United States Flag
Thanks, it was received several days ago and just got a chance to set it up last night. Great TV/DVD and will work out just fine in my new Castia trailer. Now I most likely will order a larger one for our grand kids to watch when they come to visit. Again, thanks for the rapid shipping and for carrying such a great product.
Plaza, ND United States Flag
Thank you Thank you so very much for all you did Frank.
Erie, PA United States Flag
Portland, OR United States Flag
Hi Frank Just wanted to let you know that I received my TV on Thursday and I am wery happy with the unit. Thank you for all your help.
Maricopa, AZ United States Flag
Thank you for your speedy service, your cordial phone messages and that really informative email with details about my new TV even before it arrived! You did a terrific job and I will be looking for other 12 V accessories in the future!
Hillsboro, OR United States Flag
OK Frank I appreciate your quick reply. Also, I really like doing business with you. I appreciate the way you treat your customers and your sincere approach. I will recommend your company to my friends.
Keep up the great customer service, it's very rare. Thank you.
Beaverton, OR United States Flag
Frank - Thanks. The TV arrived today. I fired it up and it works great ( great instructions in your e-mail).
Brighton, CO United States Flag
Hi Frank, we have both products, the TV arrived on schedule and the heated coffee mugis wonderful. Thanks again for all of your dedication on this return it was wonderful working with you!

Editor's Note: This was the worst job I ever did on handing a warranty repair. First I had them send it to the wrong vendor, so I had to ask the vendor to resend it to the correct place. Then after the repair, it was sent back to the wrong vendor and I had to ask them a 2nd time to resend it to the Colloms. This caused about a 2 week delay. All the time, the Colloms were very understanding and supportive. I just had to do something nice for them. so I bought them a 12 volt coffee mug.
Flagstaff, AZ United States Flag
Thank you all so very much! You really did make it right and I appreciate it! Thanks frank!
Redondo Beach, CA United States Flag
Hi again....FYI had dinner at our Yacht club last night and told everyone about and all the great 12 volt items you have. Thanks.
CPIM, Dominican Republic United States Flag
Thanks, Frank, for your recommendations, quick response, and continued support. Have a good weekend.
Alameda, CA United States Flag
Just wanted to let you know that I received the freezer. Thank you for your messages keeping me informed, they were greatly appreciated. Kindest regards.
Gold Hill, NC United States Flag
Thanks much -- the instructions and tips are most helpful. Our TV arrived today and seems to be working fine -- we will be using it in our camper trailer utilizing the 12V feature all of the time. Thanks for the quick handling and shipping!
East Hartford, CT United States Flag
Hi Frank, Greatly appreciate the way this refund was handled and would not hesitate to buy again from your site in the future. Thanks!
Brick, NJ United States Flag
frank, thank you so much for getting the cooler to me by Christmas. I will highly recommend your company to everyone I know. Thank you again and have a nice new year.
Euclid, OH United States Flag
Hi Frank, Ordering was quick and easy - the website was easy to follow and the prices were comparable to other trucker merchandise.
Greenwood, IN United States Flag
Thanks for letting me know. I've told several friends about the great service I've gotten from RoadTrucker. Keep up the good work!
Owensboro, KY United States Flag
Frank: I got the item so fast! I'm very impressed with your services!! I would recommend purchasing from you to anyone!
Smithton, IL United States Flag
Hey Frank, Thanks again for all your help. You will be hearing for us again with other orders. You are the best.
Pine Bluff, AR United States Flag
Dear Frank; Thank you very much. Your action is what it takes to build a business. I am very happy and will continue shopping Roadtrucker. God Bless Have a splendid weekend.
Las Vegas, NV United States Flag
Thanks for all your concern. Its nice to deal with a Company that actually cares about its customers (I insist on that from my staff).
Lincoln, IL United States Flag
Thanks so much for your quick response. We will us you for all our needs!
Las Vegas, NV United States Flag
The purchase experience and follow-up information from RoadTrucker was superb.
Citrus Heights, CA United States Flag
Hello Frank, Received the replacement ice chest. You guys are phenominal. Thank you so very much.
Freeland, Michigan United States Flag
Thanks a bunch for the GOOD info, and providing it BEFORE the TV arrives, not afterwards, so as to protect my investment.
Goshen, NY United States Flag
Thanks so much for your diligence in helping with this. I really appreciate it. Malcolm O'Brien, Lakewood, CO

You're the best!!! I really mean it!
Key Largo, FL United States Flag
I so appreciate your message and the previous ones as well. For me this news deserves a "dance of joy" as we really wanted the right hand DVD. We're among the lucky ones who will have it all. Thanks again for your note. Gabrielle Lea, San Luis Obispo, CA. (Editor Note: This was in response to the email updates we sent Gabrielle on the 22" Skyworth TV she pre-purchased.

We spoke today- willing to wait for shipping! Many many thanks for such great customer service.
Portland, OR United States Flag
Wonderful instructions! Thanks! I feel like I have a friend if I have a problem. Awesome service.

(Editor Note: This was in response to the tips email we sent Gail for the TV she purchased.
Knob, MO United States Flag
The 15" Skyworth TV arrived today Frank and I am delighted with it. Thank you for supplying the info on it! Also I might add that the email you sent with description of keys and buttons for the remote supplied with the unit is no longer current. Evidently they have changed their remote units. But I appreciate your effort anyway. Thanks again.
Goshen, NY United States Flag
Frank (owner, CEO, etc.) is super! Glad to be purchasing through you.
Villa Rica, GA United States Flag
Hi Frank, Thanks for your quick and considerate response. Best regards