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About Marissa

About Marissa

I am deeply in Love with my wife Marissa, for so many reasons I cannot possibly list them all. Besides her obvious stunning beauty, Marissa is the most loving and caring human being I have ever met. Like most Filipina I have met, Marissa has a kind Heart and Loving soul. She exemplifies everything good about the Filipina. She is an asset to her country and loved by her community. Anyone who has ever met Marissa knows in their heart that they have met, the best that the Philippines has to offer. And she does her country proud.

Marissa, like her family, is an extremely hard worker from early morning to night, taking care of her home, her husband and still managing the day to day operations as RoadTrucker's Vice President of Operations. In addition she manages to find the time to shop for items, pack up and send Balikbayan boxes to the Philippines throughout the year. I think she has sent 15 this year already. Balikbayan boxes are 24 x 18 x 24 boxes that can be sent to the Philippines for $110/box, regardless of weight. Marissa cares about everyone. She buys toys, games, learning aids and candy for the children, books for the high schools (she talked me into giving about $4,000 of my technical books to CRMC's computer science dept.), food and clothes for her family to share with neighbors and friends, kitchen appliances and many other items. And she still finds the time to call her family every single day.

The best thing about Marissa is her big generous heart. She flies to the Philippines 2 times a year (3 times this year) and never fails to provide some service to the community. For example, she has..

  • Sponsored the band for the community festival.
  • Sponsored the sound system for the community fiesta
  • Sponsored the community basketball team.
  • Sponsored the community drag racers.
  • Thrown parties for the children. The last one for Christmas, featured Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Doris the Explorer and a clown. Over 100 children enjoyed this wonderful time. See the pictures on Facebook (
  • Gave beautiful dolls to every little girl in her neighborhood.
  • Persuaded two of our close friends to give up their books and paid for the Balikbayan boxes to be sent to the Philippines and donated to Bagay National High School and the Daanbantayan National High School.
  • Paid for Dermatology treatments for her friend (and her sisters)
  • Took her whole family (all 7) and all of our team members shopping, giving each of them $ 100 to shop with.
  • Took her family and team members to Plantation Bay for a Get-a-way vacation.
  • Took the Team for a Day at the Beach
  • Took family and team to Cebu City to see Avatar in 3D; and a 2nd trip to see Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief; and a 3d trip to see the Green Hornet.
  • Paid to have the main highway repaired because two people had lost their lives because of a large hole in the road.
  • She also throws a party on every trip for family, friends and the neighborhood. In addition to carrying 2 or 3 large suitcases filled with gifts and candy for the children and her family every time she travels home.

And of course Marissa was the motivation for RoadTrucker sponsoring the charity, Marissa's Kitchen.  Marissa's Kitchen's has contributed to the community schools in the following ways.

  • Provided healthy lunches for over 450 school children
  • Provided School Supplies for elementary children
  • Provided Learning Tools for Elementary children
  • Installed Electricity in Libertad Primary School
  • Installed Water in Libertad primary school.
  • Donated the Concrete to build a new Kinder Garden classroom
  • Repaired a stage for Malingin Elementary School

Marissa loves her family, her friends, her community and her country. She is a fiercely proud Filipina who immediately connects with other Filipinas and very quickly forms close ties with them. Marissa is not only a loving and faithful wife, but she is my close and loyal friend. Marissa is very trustworthy and can be counted on to do what she says she will. She has Integrity. In short Marissa is the epitome of what a Filipina really stands for. She is well loved and respected by her community and everywhere she goes, and the children just adore her. I am so very proud of this wonderful woman.

Frank J. Oddo


RoadTrucker Inc