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Free ShippingCarbonless 5-In-1 Loose-Leaf Driver's Daily Logbooks

Made with Pride in the USA

Made in USA

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Top Features:

  • 50 Packs of 31 DDL & 31 copies
  • Carbonless Loose-Leaf Format
  • Recap for 60 Hour-7 Day & 70 Hour-8 Day
  • Shipments on Truck Record
  • Shipments Unloaded Today Record
  • Today's Mileage Driven by State Record
  • Detailed Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Free Shipping on Full Box (1 Box of 50) Online Orders ONLY

Use  Log Cover 11731

Note: The RoadPro RP-51LL Has Been Discontinued & Replaced by the JJ Keller 612MP, which has only 2 lines for Shipments on Truck and Unloaded.

JJ Keller - 5-In-1 Carbonless Loose-Leaf Duplicate Driver's Daily Logbooks - 612MP

JJ Keller 5-In-1 Carbonless Loose-Leaf Duplicate Driver's Daily Logbooks - 612MP

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  •  JJ Keller
  •  Model No.:
  •  612MP
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  •  8 1/2" W
  •  Height:
  •  11" H
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  • Detailed Tractor and Trailer Daily Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Monthly Log Summary for both 60 Hour-7 Day and 70 Hour-8 Day
  • Instructions for (FMCSR section 395.8) Driver's Record of Duty Status
  • Method for Completing Driver's Duty Status Record
  • Sample Grid for Recording a Driver's Duty Status
  • 3-Hole to Fit 3-Ring Notebook
  • Free Shipping for Online Orders ONLY.

The 5-In-1 Carbonless Duplicate Driver's Daily Logbooks are the Premier Logs for Truckers. Everything is on 1 page. They are Carbonless, have 3-Holes  on the left for Loose-leaf binder and the Copy is Perforated for separating the DDL.

Except for a private motor carrier of passengers (nonbusiness), every motor carrier shall require every driver used by the motor carrier to record his/her duty status for each 24 hour period  Source: DOT FMCSA § 395.8 Driver's record of duty status.
Every carrier shall systematically inspect, repair, and maintain all commercial motor vehicles under its control. Every carrier must require its drivers to prepare a daily written post-trip inspection report at the end of each driving day. Every driver is responsible for preparing such a report for each vehicle driven. Source: DOT FMCSA Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance (Part 396).

Click on Pictures below to see Detail Pictures of JJ Keller's Carbonless 5-In-1 Loose-Leaf Duplicate Driver's Daily Logbooks. Please Note: I've used Pictures of the Regular Duplicate Driver's Daily Logbooks for the Upper Section because the Layout is Identical. For the Lower Part, see the "5-In-1 Loose-Leaf DDL" Below. Copy is Yellow & Black


JJ Keller's Duplicate Driver's Daily Logbooks (DDL)

5-In-1 Loose-Leaf DDL

JJ Keller 5-In-1 Carbonless Loose-Leaf Duplicate Driver's Daily Logbooks

Top DDL (Driver's Log)

JJ Keller's Duplicate Driver's Daily Logbooks (DDL)