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Free ShippingCarbonless 2-In-1 Duplicate Driver Daily Log Book

Made with Pride in the USA

Made in USA

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Top Features:

  • 100 Books of 31 DDL & 31 Copies
  • Carbonless
  • Detachable Simplified DVIR
  • Monthly Log Summary
  • Helps Satisfy 49 CFR Sections 395.8, 396.11 & 396.13
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JJ Keller - Carbonless 2-In-1 Duplicate DDL - 715-L

JJ Keller Carbonless 2-In-1 Duplicate Driver Daily Log Books - 715-L

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JJ Keller's 2-In-1 Carbonless Duplicate Drivers Daily Logbooks offers both a logbook and a Vehicle Inspection report on 1 page. Log completion instructions on back cover reduce the chances of record-keeping errors that could lead to costly fines. Helps you satisfy 49 CFR Sections 395.8, 396.11, and 396.13

Except for a private motor carrier of passengers (nonbusiness), every motor carrier shall require every driver used by the motor carrier to record his/her duty status for each 24 hour period  Source: DOT FMCSA § 395.8 Driver's record of duty status.
Every motor carrier shall require its drivers to report, and every driver shall prepare a report in writing at the completion of each day's work on each vehicle operated. Source: DOT FMCSA § 396.11 Driver's vehicle inspection reports.
Before driving a motor vehicle, the driver shall: (a) Be satisfied that the motor vehicle is in safe operating condition; (b) Review the last driver vehicle inspection report; and (c) Sign the report, only if defects or deficiencies were noted by the driver who prepared the report, to acknowledge that the driver has reviewed it and that there is a certification that the required repairs have been performed. Source: DOT FMCSA § 396.13 Driver inspection.


  • Carbonless
  • Detachable Simplified Driver's Daily Vehicle Inspection Report
  •  Monthly Log Summary for both 60 Hour-7 Day and 70 Hour-8 Day
  •  Instructions for FMCSR section 395.8, Driver's Record of Duty Status
  •  Method for Completing Driver's Duty Status Record
  •  Sample Grid for Recording a Driver's Duty Status
  •  1 Box of 100 Books
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