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Galaxy 10 Meter Radios Comparison Chart

Here are the Galaxy 10 Meter Radios RoadTrucker can provide you:

Stock itemDescriptionType
DX29HP45 Watts 10 Meter Radio w/ Blue Meter Ant10 Meter Mobile Radio
DX33HP245 Watts 10 Meter Radio w/ Blue Meter Ant10 Meter Mobile Radio
DX55HP45 Watts 10 Meter Radio w/ Blue Led and Dual Mosfet10 Meter Mobile Radio
DX251745 Radio Galaxy Base Station10 Meter Base Radio
DX44HP45 Watts 10 Meter Mobile Radio 10 Meter Mobile Radio
DX94HP100 Watts 10 Meter AM/USB/LSB w/ Echo, Roger10 Meter Mobile Radio
DX47HP100 Watts 10 Meter Radio w/ 7 Colors10 Meter Mobile Radio
DX99V245 Watts 10 Meter Radio AM/FM/LSB/USB10 Meter Mobile Radio
DX98VHP200 Watts 10 Meter AM/USB/LSB Echo, TB, RB10 Meter Mobile Radio

Introduction to Galaxy 10 Meter Radios

There is much misunderstanding about the 10 Meter Radio, especially for the new Trucker. Lets see if we can help clarify the issues.

Galaxy's, as well as all other 10 Meter Radios are NOT CB radios. That means that they will NOT get channel 19, nor any of the 40 CB Channels out of the box. Don't expect to buy a new Galaxy 10 meter Radio, take it out of the box, plug it in and talk on channel 19. True there is a very easy to do Frequency modification that will add the CB channels, along with hundreds of others, but the 10 Meter radio is an amateur radio and NOT a CB Radio. Well, at least that is the claim of the manufacturers of these radios. The FCC on the other hand claims they are really CB radios in disguise and therefore need to be on the FCC's approved list. The FCC, sent a letter to Ranger (makers of the Galaxy pc board). Ranger told me they sent the FCC a letter back from their attorneys and that apparently ended that, because Ranger and Galaxy both are still selling the 10 meter radios. Unfortunately, it makes for some heated discussions and hopefully the FCC and the manufacturers will reach a universal agreement.

Anyway, Galaxy says the simple Frequency modification can be legally done by any CB shop without affecting your warranty. You can legally listen in on the 40 CB Channels, but it is illegal to transmit on those channels do to the power which easily exceeds the max 4 watts of the legal CB radio. You should also have a License to legally operate a 10 meter radio.

Another misunderstanding by seasoned driver's as well as the new Trucker is Galaxy's warranty. It is NOT True that you will void your 10 Meter Galaxy's One, Two or Three Year Warranty if you have the frequency mod done. Let me say that in another way.

Galaxy will stand behind all of their 10 Meter radios even if you have the Frequency Mod done, as long as it is done correctly by a certified repair person. You will NOT void Galaxy's Year Warranty. Please Note: There are No Returns or Exchanges on Galaxy 10 Meter Radios by RoadTrucker® or their distributor. You must contact Galaxy directly as they want to check any radio that seems to be having a problem within the warranty period.

Why a Galaxy 10 Meter Radio?

With the economy so tough right now many 10 Meter Radio manufacturing companies are cutting corners in the engineering stages when developing their 10 Meter Radios. This is an area Galaxy monitors closely. More importantly Galaxy takes great pride in their customer service. Call Galaxy and a tech will pick up the phone. What happened to all those annoying prompts? In addition to Galaxy's own website, they agreed to support, what many feel is the best website on the internet for CB and 10 Meter radio information, See And lets not forget Galaxy's 10 Meter Radio One, Two and Three Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

So which one of Galaxy's 10 Meter Mobile Radios is right for you? The following chart might help you determine that. Click on any of the links in the following chart for more information, including the manual, on that particular model or to purchase one of these Excellent 10 Meter Mobile Radios. You can also use the Links provided above, especially if you are interested in the Galaxy Base Station radio, as it was not include din the following Galaxy Comparison Chart. Please Note: The power ratings of these radios is a bit confusing. The manual might say 10 Watt Output, but that can be modulated to 3 to 4 times that power. I am not positive, but I think the power rating is for the finals, but the peak power can be much higher.

Note: There is approximately a 4 to 1 ratio of Peak power to dead key power at 100% modulation. i.e.. a 10 Watt radio will have a peak power of approximately 40 watts at 100% modulation. You can get a bigger boost by over modulating, but the signal may start to distort. For example, is the DX33HP2 a 50 watt peak radio? RoadTrucker recommends using the bird meter, which has a good reputation for accuracy to verify it.

Galaxy 10 Meter Radio Feature Comparison Chart

10 Meter Mobile RadiosDX98VHPDX94HPDX99V2DX55HPDX47HPDX44HPDX33HP2DX29HP
Weight10.0 lbs.6.0 lbs.5.0 lbs.5.0 lbs.6.0 lbs.5.0 lbs.5.0 lbs.5.0 lbs.
Front Dimensions (Height x Width)3 1/8" x 7 7/8" 2 7/8" x 7 3/4"2-3/8" x 7-7/8"2-3/8" x 7-7/8"3" x 7-7/8"2-3/8" x 7-7/8"2-3/8" x 7-7/8"2-3/8" x 7-7/8"
Dimensions (Depth)10 3/4"10 1/4"9-1/4"9-1/4"9-1/4"9-1/4"9-1/4"9-1/4"
Frequency Counter (with "ON/OFF" switch) YESYESYESYESNONONONO
Pre-wired for FC 347 Frequency CounterNONONONOYESYESYESYES
Noise Blanker/ Automatic Noise LimiterYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES
Meter glows red during TransmitYESYESYESYESNONONONO
Dimmer Controlvariable switchvariablevariableYES2-stageYESswitch
Frequency Response300 - 2500Hz300 - 2500Hz300 - 2800HZ450 - 2500HZ300 - 2500HZ300 - 2500HZ300 - 2500HZ300 - 2500HZ
Frequency Stability0.001%0.001%0.001%0.001%0.001%0.001%0.001%0.001%
Input Voltage13.8Vdc13.8Vdc13.8Vdc13.8Vdc13.8Vdc13.8Vdc13.8Vdc13.8Vdc
Dynamic MicrophoneDynamicDynamicDynamicDynamicDynamicDynamicDynamicDynamic
Built-in Speaker (8 ohms, round)YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES
PA Features:        
Voice Changer with Pitch ControlYESYESYESNONONONONO
Number of Output Levelsvariablevariable variable variablevariable variable 32
Maximum Power Output - AM502010102081010
Maximum Power Output - SSB20010025N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Peak Power Output**2001005050100 +325050
IRF520 MOSFET Finals84224222
1.5 KHz Clarifier for Receive Only YESYESYESNONONONONO
5.0 KHz Clarifier for Receive and Transmit YESYESYESYESNONONONO
Operating Temperature Range.-30 to +50 C.-30 to +50 C.-30 to +50 C.-30 to +50 C.-30 to +50 C.-30 to +50 C.-30 to +50 C.-30 to +50 C
Antenna ConnectorSO-239SO-239SO-239SO-239SO-239SO-239SO-239SO-239
Limited Parts and Labor Warranty2 Year2 Year3 Year2 Year3 Year3 Year3 Year3 Year

Note:**: The DX98VHP has a large heat sink that covers the entire bottom of the radio, while both the DX94HP and DX47HP have a heat sink about 1/2 the size at the bottom of the radio. This is necessary to dissipate the larger amount of heat these radios can produce. Make sure you use the proper size and fusing for these radios.

Why Does Galaxy Want to Handle ALL Returns

Most of the Galaxy 10 Meters are modified by the purchaser because they feel they need to improve the performance of their radios with the internet as their teacher. This is the biggest problem Galaxy is seeing with most failure complaints so they want to evaluate every radio accordingly. If the radio appears to have something simple such as a connector that has come unplugged during shipping or maybe even a solder connection that was over looked during production Galaxy will take care of that and return the radio. Sometimes Galaxy will find problems such as a stressed pc boards causing fracture cracks or even exterior damage and that's what they call a factory defect which would be immediately replaced for the customer. However as mentioned earlier Galaxy will usually find that the owner has tried to apply some procedure via the internet and found his radio now has a problem. That will not be covered.

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