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FireStik 2′ II FS Series - 300 Watts Tunable Tip

Made with Pride in the USA

Made in USA

Price: $ 27.99

Top Features:

  • 2 Ft, 5/8 Wave Length, Rated at 300 Watts
  • High-performance loading coil
  • Solid-fiberglass core
  • Easy to tune Antenna
  • Single or Dual Configurations

FireStik - 2′ II FS Series - 300 Watts Tunable Tip - FS-2BK

FireStik 2′ II FS Series - 300 Watts Tunable Tip

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  •  FireStik
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  •  2'H
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2′ FireStik(R) II "FS Series" Tunable Tip CB Antenna features high performance coil to improve the transmit/receive functions of your CB. FS Series requires fine tuning (SWR) in the ultimate mounting location. To tweak an "FS" antenna, you just pop-off the tip and turn the adjustment screw up or down as required. The tapered "lug-nut" effect transfers stress away from the threads and reduces the possibility of vibration induced loosening of the antenna in its mount.

The FireStik II FS Series Antennas has extended the upper coil to maximize the power handling capability of the antenna. These antennas will also receive the NOAA emergency weather alert for radios with national weather broadcast features. All FireStik "FS" antennas are appropriate forvehicles, trucks, RVs, motorcycles and ATVs in a single antenna structure when metallic ground plane is available. They can also be used in dual (co-phased) configuration on any vehicle made from any type of material.

All "FS" antennas exceed the requirements of any CB radio, new or old.

Other Features:

  • Made in USA with 100% American Materials
  • Glass fiber reinforced Shaft - custom blended
  • Tapered contact end - 3/8" x 24 threaded base
  • Heavy shielded copper wire
  • Water-tight sleeve to reduce static -with UV & pigment stabilizers