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Engel Safety Transit Slide Lok

Stop your Engel from shifting while driving

Price from: $ 16.49

Top Features:

  • Secure your Engel fridge-freezer
  • No Shifting, Quick Release
  • Quickly Attachable and Detachable

Out of Stock - $84.98 TSL17 - For Model MT17 (22.5" x 13.75") - Enter Qty:

Out of Stock - $84.98 TSL27 - For Model MT27 - Enter Quantity:

$90.98 TSL530/540 - For Model MT35, MT45 & MR040** -
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$40.98 TSLPLATE - For MD14F and MHD13F-DM Models - Enter Qty:

Out of Stock - $16.49 MR040F-U1-ADAPTER-KIT -  Engel Cushion Set for Mounting MR040 to TSL530/540 -
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Engel - Safety Transit Slide Lok (No Shifting, Quick Release)

Engel Safety Transit Slide Lok (No Shifting, Quick Release)

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Engel TSL Adaptor Plate for the MD-14F and MHD13F-DM

Engel TSL Adaptor Plate

Keep your Engel Fridge Freezer from shifting about in your Vehicle. Just slide your Engel into position and it locks down automatically. To remove just push the clip to release. Its that easy! Never Worry about your Engel sliding when you make your turns or need to stop quickly.

Please Note*: The Transit Slide Lok Adaptor Plate allows you to use the MT17 Transit Loc (22.5" x 13.75") with your 14 Quart or your 15 Quart Models, MD-14F and MHD13F-DM. You must purchase both the Transit Slide Lok Adaptor Plate and the M17 Transit Slide Lok for the 2 smaller Engels. You do NOT need the Plate for the larger model Engels.

Please Note**: The Cushion Set allows you to adapt the MR040 so that you can use it with the TSL530/540 Transit Slide Lok.

Other Features:

  • For Engel Models MT17, MT27, MT35 MT45 & MR040
  • Will also Fit 2002-4 models Nor cold MRFT-415 and MRFT-40
  • Available for Models ARB MT30E-AL, MT35F-AL, MT40E-AL, and MT45F-AL

Cushion Set for the MR040 which allows the MR040 to be used with the TSL530/540 Transit Slide-Lok

Cusion Set for the MR040
Single Cusion Set for the MR040

TSL Adaptor Plate mounts to the bottom of the MD-14F or MHD13F for use with the TSL-17 Transit Slid-Lok

Engel TSL Adaptor Plate  on TSL-17