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free shippingRand McNally EOBR for Owner Operators

Affordable For the Owner Operator. Rand McNally Has Comes Through Again

Price: $ 149.00



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Top Features:

  • Pair with Tablet or Phone
  • View logs and more w/ the free DriverConnect App
  • Check Engine Diagnostics
  • Access HOS Log History
  • Installs in Minutes

Sorry Only 9-Pin Available

"SORRY! NO RAND MCNALLY ELDS AVAILABLE! The newer management at Rand has decided to go with new products in an effort to try and abate the lack of consistency in Rand's ELDs. Looks to be about 3 months out (roughly June 2021). We have always recommended Rand and Garmin ELDs as the only 2 we felt worth purchasing. Garmin will still be available. Very sorry for any inconvenience."

Rand McNally - EOBR for Owner Operators - ELD-50

Rand McNally ELD 50

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  •  Rand McNally
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  •  Warranty:
  •  1 Year
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  •  No Return; 14 Day Waver w/20% Restocking Fee

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9-pin Diagnostic Port

ELD 50 Overview (1.9 Min)

Be the first one to own this ELD 50 E-Log Device that can be installed in minutes. Just plug it into the diagnostic port under the dash. With an affordable monthly service plan, you can now view, certify HOS logs, and access log history.

Through a Bluetooth® connection, the ELD 50 will upload all of your logs into the free DriverConnect app. Available for the TND Tablets and other Android devices. Without any connection, the ELD 50 will continue to record your HOS logs and store up to 4 days worth of data.

When it reach the capacity, sound alerts will let you know that it's time to sync with your tablet or phone.

What You Should Know About Rand McNally ELDs          What You Need to Know About Wiring Your TND765 or HD100 to Your Truck

Other Features:

  • View timers - check remaining driving time at a glance
  • Complete DVIRs - record any defects and save easily
  • Customizable Gauges - show key stats, average fuel economy, boost pressure, coolant temperature
  • Access Log History - six months of logs saved on the Rand McNally DriverConnect web portal (service plan required)

DriverConnect App

Rand McNally DriverConnect App

Download the free app onto your TND Tablet or other Android device.

  • Use the app to:
    • View and certify your logs
    • Complete DVIRs
    • View live countdown of remaining hours
    • Access the gauges dashboard.

DriverConnect App Web Portal

Rand McNally DriverConnect Web Portal

The DriverConnect app syncs automatically with the DriverConnect web portal. You can view, print, review daily VIRs and save E-Log history up to 6 months.

The DriverConnect web portal will also allow you to view truck locations and vehicle statuses.

DriverConnect App Gauges

Rand McNally DriverConnect Gauges

The DriverConnect app provides bonus access to a gauges dashboard with information on 10 different diagnostics from your truck’s engine, including:

  • Average Fuel Economy
  • Boost Pressure
  • Gallons Per Hour
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Oil Pressure