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Bumper Guide Replacement Parts

American Chrome Bumper Guide Replacement Parts

Price: $9.67 - $51.96

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Upgrade your bumper guide and enhance your vehicle's visibility and safety on the road.

Top Features:

  • Replacement Parts for Bumper Guides
  • Lights, Deluxe Collars and Clamps are Minimum of 2 Pair
  • All Parts for American Chrome Bumper Guides
AvailabilityIn Stock
Returns30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee
Warranty1 Year
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ManufacturerAmerican Chrome
Model No.Several
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Introducing our American Chrome Bumper Guide Replacement Parts! This kit includes lights, deluxe collars, and clamps, everything you need to upgrade your bumper guide and enhance your vehicle's visibility and safety on the road. The chrome finish gives your vehicle a sleek and stylish look, while the high-quality materials ensure that these parts are built to last.

Prices are based on our cost, which includes minimum order fees from the distributor. We offer these as a courtesy to our customers and not for any profit, but we do need to cover our cost.

Please Note, that the Standard Amber Lens and Standard Collars are for the Standard Bumper Guides. The Deluxe Amber Lens and the Deluxe Collars are for the Deluxe Bumper Guides.

Choose From the Following:

  • Amber Lens Deluxe - Pair (#18945)
  • Amber Lens Standard - Pair (#18940)
  • Flat-clamps Replacement - Pair (#18900)
  • G-clamps Replacement - Pair (#18910)
  • Replacement Bulb 12 Volt - Pair (#18980)
  • Threaded Collars Standard Chrome - Pair (#18970)
  • Threaded Collars Deluxe Chrome - Pair (#18972)
  • Repair Kits for Bumper Guides - Pair (#18960)