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Free RoadTrucker Bridge Calculator for Truckers

The Bridge Calculator is a more complex App. Calculating results via the Bridge formula is fairly straight forward, in itself, but there are several variations that can make it more difficult to determine the correct figure to go by. For example, there are rules that supersede the Bridge formula calculations; Some states have Grandfather clauses; there are practices of rounding to the nearest 500 lbs or the rounding "down" to the nearest 500 lbs; there are also practices of rounding to the nearest foot or rounding up to the next foot; there is also an allowance up to 400 lbs for an APU.

We have taken much pain to try and make the RT Bridge Calculator as accurate as possible, including talking to the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) and the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). We feel that some of their calculations in both their tables and online calculator are wrong and have approached them, with no real confirmation as to exactly what figure is correct.

As an example, using


but you should understand that you use it at your own risk. We will always give you the results of the bridge formula, in addition to a 2nd figure that we feel should superseded the bridge forumula.

Note: This app is for use on Platform Scales. DO NOT USE ON CAT SCALES. It is NOT needed as the CAT scales will give you each axle directly, so there is nothing to calculate.


RT Bridge Gross Weight Calculator

Bridge Calculator

Axle Weight Help


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Here's the Screen Shots of Bridge Gross Weight.

Screen Shot of Bridge Gross Weight Screen Shot of Bridge Gross Weight

How it Works?

  1. Pull the Steer tires of your cab onto the Platform scale.

  2. Open the Application. - After 1 seconds, the keyboard will come up.

  3. Input your Steer Weight.

  4. Pull your entire tractor onto the Platform scale.

  5. Input your Tractor Weight - When selected, the App will scroll up, showing that a 3d input box is available.

  6. Pull your entire Truck and Trailer onto the Platform scale

  7. Input your total Truck and Trailer Weight - When selected, the App will scroll up, showing that a Calculate button is available.

  8. Press the calculate Button.

  9. The Truck Axle Weights calculator will show you the weight on your steer, drive and trailer axle/s. The Steer you get directly from the scale

  10. Press Ok to exit the box.

Send us your comments / suggestions / feedback for App development. RoadTrucker Feedback Form.

Note: The above App is Copyright Protected.

You are welcome to advertise the above App and offer it FREE to your website visitors, under the condition that you link back to this page, using a clickable follow or nofollow link and giving RoadTrucker full credit for the development.

Selling this application is strictly prohibited by RoadTrucker.