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AirHawk Pro Comfort Seating System

Reduce Back Stress & Increase Circulation

Sorry, the AirHawk is now discontinued. Try the Wondergel Comfort Seats with same benefits.

Price from:
$ 169.90

Top Features:

  • Reduces Fatigue Numbness and Spinal Column Compression
  • Controls Vibration and Absorbs Shock
  • Enhances Blood Flow to the buttocks and legs
  • Small interconnected air cells will move pressure away from "hot spots as you shift your weight
  • Adjusts and Readjusts to the shape of your posture

$ 169.90 Buy 19" x 19" AirHawk Pro Comfort Seating System:

$ 179.90 Buy 22" x 22" AirHawk Pro Wide Comfort Seating System:

AirHawk - Pro Comfort Seating System

AirHawk Comfort Truck Seating System - Trucker's Seat

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AirHawk Comfort Seating System is a Must for the Long Hauler or for that matter, anyone who sits for long periods of time. I'm speaking from experience because I bought Two of them.

For the last few years my back started to bother me after about 5 hours of driving. Gone.  Nada. Nothing. Since using the AirHawk Comfort Seating System I have had no back pain while driving. Of course I would like to hear from someone who drives all year, but I feel very confident the AirHawk Comfort Seating System makes a positive difference.

On a tight budget? AirHawk makes a Standard Truck Seat for less money.

I think it is as close to a miracle as I have seen in a while". Tom Zobus. Jacksonville, IL

What attracted me to the AirHawk was the science.  The AirHawk Dry Floatation technology has been used in Wheel Chair and Medical Applications over 25 years. Patented and Proven in the Medical Industry since 1973.  I figured if it was good enough for someone in a Wheel Chair, it must be more than good enough for me. I bought it. I tried it. I love it. What more can I say? You do have to set it up for yourself. My tendency was to over inflate it, but it really takes little air.  I didn't quite understand it at first. It's not just a cushion with air in it. It has little chambers that meter the air from one section to another.  This prevents the cushion from being unstable, which is not good for your spine, yet allow it to adjust slowly as you shift your weight. Dry Floatation cushioning reduces external skin pressures.  In fact it reduces it to the level of flow cessation from external pressures for normal blood pressures and in a range which is compatible to facilitate healing. OK, so I copied that from the medical write-up, but I think it means it reduces external skin pressures so it will not interfere with blood flow. Even simpler, your legs won't fall asleep.

So the idea is to open the air intake valve (twist counter clockwise) and put a little air in it. Just enough so when you sit on it you will not bottom out. Then close the air valve  (twist clockwise) and sit on the AirHawk Pro Truck Cushion.  Give it a minute or two to adjust to your contour, then slowly open the air valve (twist counter clockwise) and let out enough air so that you almost bottom out, but don't. You may have to try it a few times. Make sure your sitting the way you normally sit while driving and your comfortable. Enjoy!  This works so well I went out to look for an office chair with this technology, but the price was over $1,000. Ouch! I think my back is feeling better already. Maybe I can use the one from my car. They are portable.

"I just can't believe what a difference it has made. I have greatly reduced the pain and muscle spasms in my back". Todd (Trans International).  See all of Todd's Comments about his AirHawk

"when I stop, I can hardly move my legs to get out of the truck, much less walk. With the AirHawk, that is no longer a problem". Jim Seiber.  See all of Jim's remarks about the AirHawk Comfort Seat.

AirHawk's Dry Floatation technology is a series of individual, interconnected air cells that allow air to slowly transfer from chamber to chamber, Evenly Distributing Body Weight Pressure. So does it work? You bet.  Check out the Computer Pressure Mapping photos below.  Yellow and Red show pressure points. You can feel the difference right away. After you get your AirHawk Comfort Seating System set for your own weight and contour, try sitting in any chair without it.  Take a moment and pay attention to the pressure you feel on your bottom and legs. You'll notice that there is a high concentration of pressure (as the Computer Pressure Mapping photo shows) at 2 points. Now place your AirHawk and sit on it and focus on that pressure. You'll immediately notice that the pressure is spread out over your entire butt and legs.

Truck Seat Computer Map Without AirHawkWithout the AirHawk Seat Truck Seat Computer Map With AirHawkWith the AirHawk Seat

Benefits of the AirHawk:

  • Size: 19" x 19" or 22" x 22" of Comfort Area (Note: There is an extra inch or 2 of material around the edges for stability)
  • Unsurpassed Comfort. Enhances Blood Flow to the buttocks and legs Eliminating the "Hot Spots", or pressure points, that lead to discomfort.
  • Individual air cells work as mini shock absorbers, Reducing Vibration and Back Stress
  • Portable. The AirHawk lays on top of your
    seat. Take it with you anywhere
  • Works by "immersing" you in the cushion, so it will raise you off the seat only slightly
  • Includes Repair Kit
  • Includes breathable Cover to help keep you cool. Dries fast if it gets wet
  • One-Year Limited Warranty on Workmanship

So you don't have a bad back or poor circulation?  Why not Keep It That Way?

RoadTrucker® recommends you purchase the AirHawk seat now.