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AirHawk Comfort Truck Seat System

Reduce Back Stress & Increase Circulation

Sorry, the AirHawk is now discontinued. Try the Wondergel Comfort Seats with same benefits.

Price: $ 86.40

Top Features:

  • Controls Vibration and Absorbs Shock
  • Reduces Fatigue Numbness and Spinal Column Compression
  • Made of Polyvinyl
  • Adjusts and Readjusts to the shape of your posture as you sit
  • One-Year Limited Warranty on Workmanship

AirHawk - Comfort Truck Seat System - AHTRUCKPL

AirHawk Dry Floatation Technology Trucker's Truck Seat

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AirHawk Comfort Truck Seat System. A Must Have for any Driver. For a complete introduction see the AirHawk Pro Comfort Truck Seat System. The difference between the AirHawk and the AirHawk Pro is the AirHawk is made of Polyvinyl (Not Neoprene) and comes with a 1 Year Warranty instead of a 2 Year Warranty. Photo shows the inside. Both come with cover, pump and repair kit.

Benefits of the AirHawk:

  • Size: 19" x 19" of Comfort Area (Note: There is an extra inch or 2 of material around the edges for stability)
  • Unsurpassed Comfort. Enhances Blood Flow to the buttocks and legs Eliminating the "Hot Spots," or pressure points, that lead to discomfort
  • Small interconnected air cells will move pressure away from "hot spots as you shift your weight."
  • Individual air cells work as mini shock absorbers, Reducing Vibration and Back Stress
  • Portable. The AirHawk lays on top of your
    seat. Take it with you anywhere
  • Works by "immersing" you in the cushion, so it will raise you off the seat only slightly
  • Cover is breathable to help keep you cool. Dries fast if it gets wet
  • Includes Repair Kit

Want the Best? AirHawk makes a High Quality Comfort Truck Seat System