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Diesel Extreme & Deep Clean Min=6

Made with Pride in the USA

Made in USA

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$ 29.95

Top Features:

  • Diesel Extreme Clean
    • Cleans Everything In Your Tank
    • Remove Moistures
    • Maintain Fuel & Cetane Boost
    • Lubricate Fuel Pump & Injectors
  • Diesel Deep Clean
    • Cleans Entire Fuel & Exhaust System
    • Reduces Particulate Matter Up To 32%
    • Reduces Cost Of DPF Maintenance
    • Dissolves Harmful Exhaust Deposits

2 qts. Diesel Extreme Clean & Boost $29.95 - Min Qty:

64 oz. Diesel Deep Clean $47.49 - Min Qty:

Hot Shot′s Secret & Lucas Oil - Diesel Extreme & Deep Clean Min=6

Diesel Extreme & Deep Clean

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Hot Shot′s Secret Diesel Extreme Demonstration (1.59 Min)

Hot Shot′s Secret Diesel Extreme - The Science Behind (3.30 Min)

Hot Shot′s Secret 2 qts. Diesel Extreme Clean & Boost PO40464Z

Cleans out your fuel system's tank, lines and injectors, in addition to removing water, lubricating the fuel pump and injectors, plus coating the tank and lines with a rust and corrosion inhibitor. Recommended for ALL diesel engines, but contains anti-oxidants and is not formulated for use in gasoline engines.

Extremely effective in middle distillate fuels to improve combustion and ignition efficiency, enhance fuel economy and maintain fuel in a clean stabilized condition. Safe In All Diesel Engines: Semi-Trucks, Pick-Up Trucks, Farm Equipment & Autos. Including But Not Limited To: Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, Saab, Volkswagen, & Audi.

  • 16 oz. bottle treats 30 – 40 gallons of diesel fuel
  • 1 quart treats 75 gallons of diesel fuel
  • 2 quarts treat 150 gallons of diesel fuel

Recommended Frequency: Use one treatment of Diesel Extreme every 6 months.

Fuel Tank CapacityHot Shot′s Secret
30-40 GALS16 OZ

Lucas Oil 64 oz. Diesel Deep Clean 10873

Reduces particulate filter maintenance (regens) by causing the fuel to burn much cleaner, which eliminates much of particulate matter that normally hits the exhaust system. Plus, It helps clean out the matter, that is trapped in the filter, which reduces exhaust backpressure so the engine can run easier and cooler.

  • 16 oz. treats 30 gallons (115 liters)
  • 64 oz. treats 120 gallons (454 liters)
  • Overtreat will not harm system

Other Features:

  • More Power, More Miles Per Gallon, & Less Maintenance
  • Improves Acceleration
  • Reduces Particulate Matter In Filters