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Thor 50 Amp Transfer Switch

Automatically Switches From Shore Power to Generator and Back

Price: $ 129.95

Top Features:

  • AC Output Voltage: 105-130Vac 60 Hz
  • Maximum Power Output: 50A VAC
  • Transfer Time: 20-30 Seconds

Thor - 50 Amp Transfer Switch - THTS-50

Thor - 50 Amp Transfer Switch - THTS-50

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Thor Transfer Switches (.52 Sec)

THTS-50 Transfer switch is for a 50 Amp AC service and has a capability to deliver 105-130Vac 60 Hz 50Aac. Install the power center with THTS-50 close to the generator and shore power cord entrance to minimize voltage drop across the wire.

Transfer switches are special switched, that act differently depending on the power source. With shore power (120 volt household current), they just power up the equipment attached to it. However, when the source power is from a generator, the Transfer switch will delay switching power to the load for 20 seconds to give the generator output a chance to settle and become stable.

Note: Do not mount in zero-clearance compartment. Do not install close to appliances that are a source of heat or water. It is not designed for mounting in wet location. This unit employs components that tend to produce arcs or sparks.

The THTS-50 must be installed by a qualified electrician.

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Thor THTS-50 Thor THTS-50 Inside View