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High Performance 12 Volt 600 Watt Heater

Price: $ 59.95

Top Features:

  • Temperature: Up to 175 F Degrees, Produces 2250 BTUs (145 Degrees on a Standing Battery)
  • Compact, Low Profile Design
  • Works as a Heater or a Fan.
  • First Time Purchase? You Need the Power Port

Power Hunt - High Performance 12 Volt 600 Watt Heater - PNP-201

Power Hunt - High Performance 12 Volt 600 Watt Heater - PNP-201

  •  Availability:
  •  Discontinued
  •  Weight:
  •  2.53 lbs.
  •  Shipping:
  •  See Cart
  •  Tax:
  •  Paid
  •  Manufacturer:
  •  Power Hunt
  •  Model No.:
  •  PNP-201
  •  Dimension:
  • 8.4" x 8.4"
  •  Height:
  •  4.7" 
  •  Warranty:
  •  1 Year
  •  Returns:
  •  30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee

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High Performance 12 Volt 600 Watt Heater w/ Power Port Diagram

High Performance 12 Volt 600 Watt Heater w/ Power Port Diagram - PNP-201

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Best 12 Volt Heater available anywhere, as far as power and heaters that work by warming the air. Save on fuel, reduce pollution, and still stay warm & comfortable while almost 170 degrees of heat keeps your bunk area or camper warm and cozy without running your engine. Automatic low voltage alarm lets you rest without worrying about running your battery down. 4 settings.

600 or 700 Watts?

Why is RoadTrucker advertising this as a 600 Watt heater, instead of a 700 Watt heater, as the manufacturer indicates? The reason is simple. It draws 50 amps at 12 volts and that calculates (50 x 12) to 600 watts, not 700.

So how does the manufacturer get 700 watts? Are they wrong? Well.. Yes and No. It depends on the application. When the heater is connected to a standing battery, they are wrong (12 x 50 = 600). But if the heater is being used in a running vehicle, they are right. The operating voltage of a running engine is usually around 14 volts. 14 volts x 50 Amps = 700 Watts.

RoadTrucker feels that, this heater is advertised as a 12 volt heater and that means that it can be used with a standing battery, which does not produce 14 volts. Hence, we advertise 600 watts and not the 700 watts that Power Hunt and everyone else advertises.

NOTE: When you add your Power Hunt 12 Volt 600 Watt Heater to the cart, we will also add a 12 Volt Power Port that hooks to the battery via 8' of wire with 2 connecting rings on the end. If you already have one, then click on "remove" in the cart to remove it before completing your purchase. First time Purchase of a Power Hunt Appliance will need the Power Port.

How Long Will My Battery Last?Will the Heater Work in my Application?

Other Features:

  • Voltage & Rating: 12V/DC, 50A/600W
  • Dimension: 213 x 211 x 117mm (8.39" x 8.31" x 4.61") (1.15kg / 2.53lbs)
  • Automatic Battery Protector shuts unit off before it depletes the battery
  • Automatic shut off system to prevent overheating.
  • Powerful internal fan produces high volume air flow
  • 4 Settings: Fan Only, Low Heat, Medium Heat & High Heat
  • Great for helping to keep truck warm or defrosting windshields.
  • Quality materials and rugged construction withstands rough use in any environment
  • Optional mounting bracket with swivel base is available (Mounting Bracket PNP-291 is sold separately)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
  • Requires PNP Power Port (sold separately - Note: We will Add it to cart)