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What You Should Know About Mobile WiFi

New to WiFi? See a "A More Simple Explanation", Toward the Bottom of the Page

WiFiRanger is a wireless router that amplifies WiFi signal. It has the capability to provide a Public Broadcast which permits you to share your internet connection with others without having to give them access to your network and it can also connect to a long distance Truck Stop, RV Park WiFi or any places that has a WiFi hotspot and simultaneously create your own secure & private network. You can connect your computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, smart TV, and wireless printer to setup your own private on-the-road office.

Everything you would normally connect to your own network is now connected to the WiFiRanger Router. It adds a firewall between you and every one else on that network. They cannot access your own shared files or any of your devices. You can now enjoy surfing the internet with your computer and smartphone.

The Indoor Routers (Mini & Go2) are equipped with a USB port which can be used to tether a 3G/4G Aircard, MiFi, or Smartphones. This feature works plug-n-play for easily sharing Cellular internet with everything on the WiFiRanger network.

WiFiRanger Routers are designed for people with a Mobile lifestyle specifically RVers, Truckers, and Boaters.

FeaturesMini PackElite Pack FM
Max WiFi Range2500ft2mi
Max Data Rate300Mbps300Mbps
LAN/WAN Ports2x5x
Rooftop Mountable//
IP67 Outdoor Rated//
Data Usage Tracking//
Advanced Auto Failover//
Remote Device Access//
Filtered Network Support//
Multi-WAN Support//
USB 3G/4G Aircard Support//
Standard Warranty1 Year3 Years

The WiFiRanger does not improve the cellular connection because it is designed to amplify WiFi signals. The WiFi range depends on the terrain between transmitter and receiver, weather, and other factors.

There are also situations that can affect the WiFi range specially objects in the line of sight, radio transmitters in the area, and even season of the year. This makes it difficult to put an exact number on the range you will obtain.

The Sky2 ranges up to 2500 ft. while the Elite is 2 miles. The maximum ranges are based on optimal conditions and do not reflect the usual range of a connection. WiFiRanger routers are designed to survive on any environment because it has a weather protection (waterproof, UV-resistant, resistant to vibration, exposed in any temperatures). It can also connect to any MiFi and Smartphone hotspot.

A More Simple Explanation

Mobile WiFi with a Local Area Network is available for Truckers, RVers, Boaters and just about any other vehicle user, who wants to have a full mobile office, including WiFi Router and a customized Ethernet network.

To understand how it works, think about how a home WiFi works. A Provider signal is sent to your home router via DSL, cable, satellite or other, and you connect your device, like a laptop, via WiFi, to your Router. Usually the device will pick up all WiFi signals in the area and you select yours and enter your password to connect.

Now supposed you took your laptop out to your vehicle, which was parked reasonably close to your router. It would still work, right? Just like it would if you went to a business that offered Free Wireless WiFi. The trouble of course is, that if you move it more than a 100 feet or so, the signal drops so significantly, that it will no longer work. The same goes for when you are on the road. There are plenty of WiFi signals available to mobile applications, but you need to get so close, that quit often, you would not be able to effectively use it. Ever wonder why you can't get a good connection so often?

The Problem: Why can't I always get a good signal?

  Take a closer look at the coverage your home router has. Notice it is in Sq. ft.? The large number like 4,000 is the square footage it covers and although the number is large, the distance from the router is relatively short. for example, 4,000 Sq. ft. is an area approximately 60 ft. by 60 ft. That's only about 20 yards from the router. It gets worse when you consider that the radio used for WiFi in the average laptop is generally only a few milliwatts (thousands of a watt). It' very weak.

As an example, when you park at a Truckstop or Campground. If you are close to their antenna, you can connect, but Campgrounds and Truckstops can be quite large in area, making it difficult and even impossible to get a good signal. And of course there are dead spots where the signal has been blocked by trees, building, other vehicles, etc.

The Solution: Improve your WiFi reception.?

How do you extend your ability to connect to those hotspots? It's actually fairly easy. You add an antenna like the WiFiRanger Sky2, Elite or EliteFM, to your truck, RV or other vehicle. With an outside antenna you can pick up WiFi up to 1/2 mile away from your Truck or RV; and as far as 2 miles over water.

So now that you can pick up WiFi from 2,500' away and up to 2 miles on water, how do you use that signal? Again, it is simple. Each of the 3 antennas mentioned above are also a Router. A Router is a networking device that forwards data between computer networks. In this case, the Antenna/Router forwards data to your computer and any other devices in your vehicle. So basically with only the addition of a Sky2, Elite or EliteFM, you can greatly enhance your access to the internet.

This is really great and will work just fine for many travelers and even in your home or office, except that I see 2 potential problems. What about privacy? And how about those devices, that are not WiFi enabled?.