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free shippingPair TST507SCE Tire Sensors

Buy Per Pair - Easy Removable - Less Cost

Price: $ 99.00

Top Features:

  • Standard SCE Sensors
  • Water-proof & submersible
  • Easy to install and reliable
  • Lithium-ion batteries last 5-7 years
  • NOT flow-through

Also Available:

Deluxe TST507HUB Flow-Through Sensors and Internal Flow-Through Sensors

Truck System - Pair Tire Sensors - TST507SCE

Pair TST507SCE Tire Sensors

  •  Availability:
  •  In Stock
  •  Weight:
  •  42.5 Grams
  •  Shipping:
  •  Free
  •  Tax:
  •  Paid
  •  Manufacturer:
  •  Truck System
  •  Model No.:
  •  TST507SCE
  •  Dimension:
  •  25mm (.98 Dia)
  •  Height:
  •  22mm (.87")
  •  Warranty:
  •  3 Years
  •  Returns:
  •  30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee

  • Shipping GuideShipping Guide
  • SCE Sensor SheetTST507SCE TPMS Tire Sensor Manual


  • 2 TST507SCE Sensors (None Flow Through)

507SC TST Trucking TPMS Installation (5.36 min)

Note: The 507 SC and the 507SCE, Mount the same way. The Monitors are slightly different.

The TST507SCE detects tire pressure, leaks and temperature variances swiftly and reliably and transmit pressure and temperature data every 2 minutes. The sensors are Individually coded for easy installation and individual settings.

The TST507SCE Tire Sensors, are standard sensors. The main difference, is that they are NOT flow-through (i.e. You cannot add Air to the tire until you take the sensor off the valve stem.

Other SCE Tire Sensor Features:

  •  Works with most Trucks, RVs and Tow Vehicles
  • Detect Tire leaks, as well as Pressure and temperature
  • Operates in -40 degree weather
  • Just screw onto valve stems
  • Data is Transmitted every 2 Minutes and Instantly for any issue
  • Industrial-strength Lithium-cadmium batteries last 5+ years
  • Water-resistant
  • No transmission when pressure is zero, to extend battery life
  • 3 Year Warranty

TST 507SCE Installation Video (4.15 Min)