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TST Tire Pressure Monitors Technical

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Technical Information on TST Tire Pressure Monitors (See Comparison Chart Below)

About TST Truck Systems: TST Truck Systems design a broad array of quality TPMS Systems for Commercial Trucks, RVs and other Vehicles. Utilizing the latest design techniques, TST Truck Systems TPMS Monitor Systems, detects Hi/Lo pressure and Hi temperature quickly, helping to prevent costly accidents, loss of life and material losses that can cause serious financial loss to a businesses.

Meeting Industry Needs - Unlike most tire pressure monitor systems, the TST TPMS sensor is a professional system that meets Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) leak detection recommendation, while providing both slow and rapid leak protection. The (FMCSA) recommends that truck Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS) should be able to detect a 1 PSI per-minute drop within any 3-minute period. TST Systems are also ISO9001 Compliant. You will find TST Tire Monitors on Paccar trucks like Peterbilt and Kenworth.

TST TPMS Communications - Each TST Sensor transmits an independent signal which can be picked up by the TST monitor directly in most cases. To make sure the signal integrity is maintained, TST Truck Systems includes a repeater in every TPMS Kit. The Repeater amplifies the signal from the Sensors sending a much stronger signal to the TST monitor.

Note: The 510 sensors use a 4 digit sensor ID, while the 507 Sensor uses a 6 digit ID, so it is important to note, that the two can not communicate to the same monitor. When purchasing a replacement monitor make sure you order the correct one. See the TST Monitor detail page.

 TST Communications. Click Picture for Larger Image.

TST Communications

Advantages of TST Tire Pressure Monitor:

  • Safety
  • Fuel Savings
  • Longer Tire Life
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Reduced Liability Exposure
  • Reduced Insurance Cost
  • Prevent Blowouts & Reduced Downtime
  •  Environmental Friendly: Reduced rubber particulates in the air.
  • Improved ROI

Tire Pressure Monitoring Facts:

  • Under normal conditions a tire can lose 0.3 to 1.45 psi every month. (Money you are tossing out the window)
  • If every vehicle in the United States had properly inflated tires, the U.S. would save 4 million gallons of fuel every day. (Source: U.S. Department of Transportation). (Help to reduce our dependence on foreign Oil).
  • Tire life (wear) can be reduced by 20% and vehicle fuel costs can increase by 2-3% when a tire's air pressure is 20% less than the recommended vehicle placard pressure. (Source: Michelin)
  • On U.S. roadways an estimated 23,000 accidents and 535 fatal accidents annually involve blowouts or flat tires. (Source NHTSA 49 CFR Part 571)

TST Product IDWheelsSensorsVehicleDiagramTake a Look Now
Commercial Trucks & Fleet
TST507SCE1818StandardTractor Trailer18 Tire Standard Sensors
TST507HUB1818Flow-ThroughTractor Trailer18 Tire Flow Through Sensors
TST507INT1818InternalTractor Trailer18 Tire Internal Sensors
TST507SCE1010StandardTractor Standard10 Tire Standard Sensors
TST507HUB1010Flow-ThroughTractor Standard10 Tire Flow Through Sensors
TST507INT1010InternalTractor Standard10 Tire Internal Sensors
TST507SCE66StandardTractor Super Singles6 Tire Standard Sensors - Super Singles
TST507HUB66Flow-ThroughTractor Super Singles6 Tire Flow Through Sensors - Super Singles
TST507INT66InternalTractor Super Singles6 Tire Internal Sensors - Super Singles
RVs & Tow Vehicles
TST507TPMS44Standard Brass Thread Replaceable BatteriesRV4 tire Standard Brass Thread Replaceable Batteries
TST507TPM­SFT44Flow-Through Brass Thread Replaceable BatteriesRV4 Tire Flow-Through Brass Thread Replaceable Batteries
TST507TPMS66Standard Brass Thread Replaceable BatteriesRV6 tire Standard Brass Thread Replaceable Batteries
TST507TPM­SFT66Flow-Through Brass Thread Replaceable BatteriesRV6 Tire Flow-Through Brass Thread Replaceable Batteries
106 Standard Replaceable Batteries With 4 Button Sensors for Tow KitRV & Tow Vehicle6 Standard Replaceable Batteries With 4 Button Sensors for Tow Kit
106 Flow-Through Brass Thread With 4 Button Sensors for Tow KitRV & Tow Vehicle6 Flow-Through Brass Thread With 4 Button Sensors for Tow Kit
Tow Vehicles
TOWPACK4507 Button Sensors Replaceable BatteriesTow Vehicle4 Tire Tow Vehicle 507 Button Sensors Replaceable Batteries
TST Product IDWheelsSensorsVehicleDiagramTake a Look Now