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free shippingDrop & Hook Trailer Kit w/ Wireless Repeater/Amplifier & 8 Sensors

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Top Features:

  • 3 Sensor Kits to Choose From
    • NON Flow Through SCE Trailer Kit
    • Flow Through HUB Trailer Kit
    • Internal Flow Through Trailer Kit
  • Wireless Repeater/Amplifier for Easy Drop Á Hook Trailer Swapping

Truck System - Drop and Hook Trailer Kit

Drop and Hook Trailer Kit

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  • Wireless Repeater/Amplifier
  • 8 Sensors (Choose from the following:
    • Non Flow Through SCE Kits
    • Flow Through HUB Sensor Kit
    • Internal Flow Through Sensor Kit

Choose from any Trailer Kits with Wireless Repeater/Amplifier and 8 Sensors. Available in Non Flow Through, Flow Through, and Internal Flow Through Sensors.

So how does it work? It's simple. The Repeater, which is a signal amplifier, is also a storage for the 8 trailer sensor IDs. When you first install the 8 sensors, you Sync the Monitor you used with the Repeater by pressing a button on each. The monitor sends the 8 Trailer sensor IDs to the Repeater and the Repeater stores the data.

To Swap Trailers, you just sync the monitor in your truck with the Repeater on the new trailer and your done. Just as simple as pie. Except pie can't be used. You do need the Repeater. :o)