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free shipping10 Flow-Through Sensors TPMS Drop & Hook Repeater

Price: $ 569.00

Top Features:

  • TPMS with 10 Flow-Through Sensors
  • Detect leaks and temperature variances swiftly and reliably
  • Easy to install monitor & makes a stylish enhancement to your cab

NOTE: These sensors are Flow-Through. They do NOT need to be removed to check or add air to tires.

Note: Due to suspected issues with the hoses, TST has decided not to offer the HUB Sensors until they are completely satisfied, that there will NOT be any issues for their customers.

Also Available:

Standard 10 SCE Sensors TPMS Kit and Internal 10 Flow-Through Sensor TPMS Kit

Truck System - 10 Flow-Through Sensors TPMS - TST507HUB10

10 Flow-Through Sensors TPMS Drop & Hook Repeater

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  •  Manufacturer:
  •  Truck System
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  •  TST507HUB10
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  •  3 Years
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  •  30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee

  • Shipping GuideShipping Guide
  • User ManualTST507HUB TPMS Tire Sensor Manual


  • 10 Tire Sensors
  • Monitor
  • Trailer Exchange Repeater
  • Additional Air-tight
  • Long Antenna
  • Numbered Sensor-Position Stickers

TST Truck TPMS System Demo (9.09 min)

The monitor of TST507HUB10 features programmable high and low pressure alarm thresholds customizable to the specific requirements of your tires. The visual warning lights and audible alarms sounds when temperature and pressure thresholds exceed.

Monitor Components & Icons:

Monitor Components

Monitor Indicators
  1. Tire Indicator
  2. Sensor Low Battery Indicator
  3. Fast Leakage
  4. High Pressure
  5. Low Pressure
  6. High Temperature
  7. Monitor Battery Indicator

TST 507 w/Flowthru Sensors (5.16 min)