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ENFORCER Roll-Up Door Lock Maximum Security

Made with Pride in the USA

Made in USA

Price from:
$ 217.49

Top Features:

  • Roll-up Lock permanently installed to the door
  • Eliminate driver time dealing with padlocks
  • Interior jaws close when door is closed
  • No interference with cargo handling
  • High-Security Locking System

$289.99 $217.49 (Your 25% Off Price)

RoadTrucker recommends the 8050 w/the Quick Release for FedEx drivers. The Quick release allows opening the rear door from the inside

Perfect for when you need Extra Security for your Roll-Up Door

ENFORCER Roll-Up Door Lock Maximum Security - 8050

ENFORCER Roll-Up Door Lock Maximum Security - 8050

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  •  4 lbs.
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  •  Transport Security
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  •  8050
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  •  Warranty:
  •  1 Year 
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  •  30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee

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  • Includes a High Security ABLOY Lock Cylinder with Disk Tumblers like a Bank Safe

Inside Quick Release for the Enforcer 8050 Roll-Up Door lock

Inside Quick Release

For Maximum Roll-Up Door Security, the Enforcer Roll-Up door Lock, 8050 can't be beat. It is completely independent from the standard Latch mechanism. You can use it with or without using the latch. Mounted directly to the Roll-up door, it will not interfere with your cargo handling. The driver does not need 2 hands to open or close it as they do with a padlock. Since the door will latch and lock automatically when the door is closed, the driver can focus on his/her deliveries.

Extra keys for any of Enforcer Locking System are also available.

Buy Your Roll-up Door Lock Now, for Added Security and Convenience.

Note: Fits Whiting and Todco Latches.

Note: There is ONLY a 2 business day lead time, despite demand.

Note: Large orders may take longer.

Note: We can key your locks to previously purchased locks, if you ordered them from RoadTrucker and you have them delivered to the same address. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Protection Features:

  • Protects the Relatively Insecure Latch from Exposure to Cutting Tools
  • Door stays locked without driver intervention
  • Reduces Misplaced and Lost Locks

Note: Sorry, No Discount  or Returns on Duplicated Keys

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ABLOY locks have a unique rotating disk cylinder that operates in severe climates and is effectively pick resistant. The tumblers function like the tumblers in a bank vault.

ABLOY Pad Locks