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RoadPro 12-Volt Electronics & Truck Accessories

RoadPro, pronounced "road pro", is the nations leader in 12-Volt Electronic and Accessories for the Trucker and Traveler.  RoadTrucker® is a RoadPro Distributor of RoadPro products.  Fresh coffee, a hot meal, or an ice blended fruit drink are now as close as your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket.  From Stoves to Power Tools, RoadPro delivers a broad selection of appliances and accessories designed to bring the comforts of home to the road.

RoadPro 12-Volt products are designed to plug into a 12-Volt cigarette lighter receptacle.  Some of Road pro's 12-Volt products will work in an automobile (CB Radios, Radar Detectors, Coffee Makers, Low Powered 12-Volt Refrigerator Freezers and Cooler/Warmers), however many are designed for Trucks and RVs which have special 12-Volt receptacles designed for higher amperage.  When ordering for smaller vehicles, care should be taken that the 12-Volt receptacle can handle the current requirements.  In addition to 12-Volt items, RoadPro Truck Accessories include LED Light Assemblies, 5" & 6" Chrome Truck Stacks, Mud Flaps and Mud Flap Holders.  See our Product Catalog Pages for details.

Why RoadPro 12-Volt Products?

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