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Like to browse? Not ready to purchase, but would like to look at what is available? The RoadTrucker Product Catalog is being designed for customers who like to browse and possibly make a purchase. You will find 2 types of ads. When there are many products of the same type, we will show you an ad for that type of product with a link to all of them. For example, instead of showing you 50 CB Radios, we will only show you one ad. If you are interested in CB Radios, click on the link to go to that section. If not, you will not have to wade through all of the CB radios we have. The 2nd type ad will be for single products, which will also have an Add to Cart button for possible purchase. We have separated the products into the categories on the menu to the left and the llinks below. Feel free to select a menu item to start browsing.

Travel Needs

Includes Bluetooth, 12-Volt Accessories, Power Inverters, CBs, TVs, Compass, DVDs, Alarms, Cameras, GPS Receivers, etc.   Click Here for Electronics

Includes Travel Bags, Organizers, Briefcases, Log Book Covers, Seat Back Organizers, etc. Click Here for Travel Needs.

*** Protect Your Truck NOW! ***      Driver's Daily Logbooks

Bad Back? Poor Circulation? Driver Fatigue?       Rand McNally 5" GPS for Truck Routes

Rand McNally GPS with Truck & RV Routing

Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND™ 720 Trucker GPS with Truck Routing TND720

Rand McNally Trucker GPS 7" High Def GPS TND720LM

Best Tire Monitor Ever! 

Mobile Awareness TireStat MobileTRAQ Vue

Easy Programmable for any Vehicle up to 8 Axles and 32 Tires.

Click Photo for Details

en RoadTrucker Driver Daily Logbooks and Vehicle Inspection

Driver Daily Logbooks

     Tire Monitor --> When is Your Next Blowout?   LoJack -->   LoJack Asset Protection & Tracking

Bright Lights
Comfort Kitchen

Truck Accessories includes Lights up to 3 Million Candle Power.  Rechargeable Spot Lights, Flexible Map Lights, Cooling Fans, etc.  Click Here for Bright Lights.

12-Volt Appliances for When Your Truck is Your Kitchen.  Includes 12-Volt Cookers, 12-Volt Pizza Oven, 12-Volt Freezers, Coolers, Coffee Makers, etc.  Click Here for Comfort Kitchen.

Must Have
Gifts & Play Things

Includes a Selection From the Other Sections.  Like GPS with Truck Routes, Rechargeable Drill, Safe, etc.  If You Do Not Have These Products, You'll Need to Consider Them.  Click Here for Must Have.

Travel Gifts to Keep the Young Ones Entertained on those Long Hauls.  Good For Adults TooCool Games, Toy & Gift Ideas for that Special Trucker, Etc.  Click Here for Gifts & Play Things.

Chrome & Stainless

Products That Don't Fit Any One Category.  12-Volt Appliances, Truck Accessories & Travel Gifts.  Steel King Pin Locks, Tie downs, Safe, Tarps, Tarp Straps, etc.  Click Here for Miscellaneous.

Truck Accessories for The Truckers Who Like Shiny Things.  Chrome Stacks (Pipes For You Non Truckers), Air Cleaner Lights, etc.  Click Here for Chrome & Stainless.

Trucker Bedroom
New Products

Includes Heating Blankets, Sheets and Pillow Cases, Heaters, Cab Curtains, etc.  Click Here for Trucker Bedroom like 12-Volt Heater.

If you are familiar with our site and just want to see what the latest products added are, Click Here for New Products.

Trucking Business
Trucking Safety

Includes items more keyed to those in the Trucking Business. For example, Training Materials and Monitoring Systems.  Click Here for Trucker Business Products.

Safety is everyone's business. The products in this category can reduce your exposure to accidents. Click Here for Tire Monitors and Obstacle Detection Equipment..

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