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LoJack® SCI Cargo Security & Asset Tracking Solutions

Is your cargo high-valued? FreightWatch reported an estimated two and a half cargo thefts each day, just over 78 every month in 2012. The loss of cargo per incident average was a little over $170,000. Can you afford to lose that? And that‘s not including the involved equipment theft and damages. Loss of Tractors, Trailers, Containers in addition to damages to buildings and equipment, can add an additional $170k per incident. But the loss does not stop there. Loss of time due to loss of work, recovery, asset replacement and reporting to police, insurance company, management and employees. Today on average, there is $70,000 of cargo stolen every minute in the US alone at an estimated loss of 30 Billion annually. This is mostly due to the relatively low security on these loads.

So what‘s your cargo worth to you? Your business? Livelihood? Reputation? The solution is simple: Tracking, Monitoring, and Recovery. The LoJack® SCI Cargo Security Technology is the most complete and customizable supply chain solution available anywhere. With its intelligence-based security, you will have full visibility and tracking of your cargo. With your brand reputation and integrity on the line, you owe it to yourself and your company to see what LoJack® can do for you.

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How LoJack Works:

  • Prevention » Detection » Investigation » Recovery
  • 24/7 Monitoring with Managed Security
  • Tracks cargo in route
  • Immediate notification should a theft occur
  • LoJack has a Unique Relationship with Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Personally monitor your cargo via the web

Every solution is customized to specifically fit the needs of the business. High cargo theft hotspots, such as truck stops, parking lots, warehouses, distribution centers, carrier and terminal lots, can be given additional attention. LoJack® SCI can give special focus to high-theft markets like Meat, Food and Beverages; Metals; Computers and Electronics; Drug, Health and Beauty supplies; Automotive; Building Materials, Tools & Supplies;, Clothing and Consumer products; to name a few.

Cargo thieves are getting smarter, coming up with new ways to steal your cargo. LoJack SCI does a lot more than just monitoring. They do analysis and recovery. But Don't Wait 'til Your Assets Disappear. Request more information now. See form above.   What do you have to loose?   Oh, that's right..   Your business!   Your Livelihood!   Your Reputation!

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How LoJack Works

LoJack's Stolen Vehicle Recovery System - How It Works

LoJack's Unique Relationship with Law Enforcement

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