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Gifts for Truckers

RoadTrucker's Gifts for Truckers pages will give you some Great Ideas for that Special Trucker. Considering all that time away from home, they do deserve that little something extra.  Use the links at the bottom to go to the next page.  Don't forget to check out our Holiday Gift Idea pages.

Why not Give Your Employees a Little Gift to say thanks for all your work.  See our Inexpensive Gifts pages for Discounted small group gift ideas that will not put you in the poor house.

Truckers Gifts

Fire Extinguisher 440161

  • Fire Extinguisher 440161
  • Price:  $ 19.95

  • Availability:
  • In Stock
  • Warranty:
  • 1 Year
  • Manufacturer:
  • Kidde
  • Model #:
  • 440161

Fire Extinguisher

  • For Use on Class B (Liquid Gases) and Class C (Energized Electrical) Fires
  • Regular Dry Chemical
  • Easy to Pull Safety Pin
  • Manufactured from Lightweight Aluminum and Tough Nylon Valve Assembly

Onyx Plus SiriusXM Radio Receiver - Car & Truck Kit

  • OnyX Plus SiriusXM Radio Receiver - Car & Truck Kit
  • Price:  $ 98.99

  • Availability:
  • In Stock
  • Warranty:
  • 1 Year Parts & Labor
  • Manufacturer:
  • Audiovox
  • Model #:
  • SXPL1V1

Onyx Plus - Car & Truck Kit

  • PowerConnect™ technology
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • Create Your Own Music Channel
  • Get SiriusXM Xtra Channels

GPS for Truckers with Truck Routing

RoadTrucker carries 6 GPS, specifically designed for Truck Drivers. Keep your trucker safe from low bridges and Restricted roads. Note: We are now only recommending the top 3.

Available GPS:

  • Rand McNally
  • Garmin
  • PC*Miler
  • Magellan

13" NAXA 12 Volt TV with DVD Player

Small enough to fit just about anywhere, yet large enough to see the picture clearly. One of our favorite TV/DVDs.

Features :

  • ATSC Digital Tuner
  • High Resolution: 1280 x 768
  • Compatible: DVD, VCD, CD, CDG, CD-R & CD-RW

CB Radio with Bluetooth Wireless, NightWatch

Make & Receive Phone Calls Thru the CB Radio.

Features :

  • NightWatch Illuminated Front Panel
  • Dynamic Microphone with 9' Coiled Cord and Front Connector
  • One-Touch Bluetooth Operation with Auto Redial
  • Loud and Clear

12-Volt 15oz. Premium Heated Travel Mug RP0719

15oz. Premium Heated Mug, that keeps your Beverages Hot While-On-the-Go!

Features :

  • Plugs Directly Into a 12-Volt Power Port
  • 5′ Fused Power Cord
  • Non-Spill Lid

War-Lok Truck Cab Air Brake Lock

A very important and very functional gift that every single Trucker should definitely own to help protect their capital investment and livelihood.


  • Securely Encases the Trailer air valves
  • Protects Idling Trucks
  • Constructed of high-impact aluminum steel
  • Can be Keyed Differently or Keyed Alike

12-Volt Heated Blanket

RoadPro Large (58" x 42") 12-Volt Heated Fleece Blanket.

Features :

  • 55 Watts (4.6 Amps)
  • Connects directly to Battery
  • Pre-warms Your Bed for a Better Nights Sleep

50' Heavy Duty Tire Inflator Kit

3/8" x 50' Heavy Duty Truck Emergency Tire Inflator Kit with Straight Chuck

Features :

  • Connects the Tractor′s On-Board Air Brake System with Universal Glad Hand
  • 50' of 3/8" Diameter PVC Hose with a 300 PSI Rating
  • Long Enough to Reach the Rear Tandems On a Trailer

Trucker Custom Seat

Reduce Back Stress & Increase Circulation.

This is the Gift for Truckers and anyone else who spends a lot of time sitting.

Features :

  • Reduces Fatigue Numbness and Spinal Column Compression
  • Made of Special Wondergel material.
  • Controls Vibration and Absorbs Shock