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free shippingRand McNally 5510 GPS for RVs RVND5510

Top Features:

  • Set RV Restriction Warnings-Speed Limit, Tolls
  • Plan an Itinerary w/ Proprietary Trip Content
  • Real Time Traffic Receiver to Avoid Delays
  • Windshield Mount for 5" Color Touch Screen GPS

Rand McNally 5510 GPS for RVs - RVND5510

Rand McNally 5510 GPS for RVs RVND5510

  • Availability:
  •  Discontinued
  •  Weight:
  •  3 lbs.
  •  Shipping:
  •  Free
  •  Tax:
  •  Dimension:
  •  5-1/16" x 5/8"
  •  Height:
  •  3 5/8"
  •  Manufacturer:
  •  Rand McNally
  •  Model No.:
  •  RVND5510
  •  Warranty:
  •  1 Year*
  •  Returns:
  •  Within 14 days of Purchase or 5 days after delivery with 15% restocking fee.

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  • User Manual
    GuideRand McNally RVND5510 Manual
  • Quick Start
    GuideRand McNally RVND5510 Manual

Rand McNally TripMaker RVND 5510 5" GPS for RVs (4 Min)

Bring your pet on your RV and enjoy traveling to Pet Friendly Locations. Rand McNally’s RV GPS helps you navigate to RV Campgrounds, RV Dealers, Service Locations, Parking and Rest Areas w/Detailed Amenities, to make RV life easier. RVND 5510 Navigation GPS is also a great buddy when you feel you lost your Campsite.

For the Vacation Driver who wants the Best in a GPS for RVers.
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Please note: No GPS is perfect. Please take a moment and read "Understanding the Trucker GPS". There is normally no returns on open electronics. However, we will wave that and allow a return for a Limited period within 14 Days of purchase or 5 days after delivery with a 15% restocking Fee.  Note: Scratch or damage the GPS in any way and you bought it. There is a $100 manufacturer's fee for returning a GPS that is anything other than pristine new condition. Note*: The warranty does not include the glass face.

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Rand McNally TripMaker RVND 5510 RV GPS Quick Video (1.5 Min)

Advanced Routing Options (2.2 Min)