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Thread: Insurance Fraud

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    Insurance Fraud

    I drive for a owner operator. The company we were leased to can****ed our insurance and did not notify us. We found out through another driver that it had been can****ed. We contacted the owner and asked about this. He said Yes. Can****ed for non-profit payment. He knew the agent we were working for was going to quit the company. He then sent my boss a copy of can****ation which showed it was going to be can****ed on June 15 the. The notice was dated May 31st. He sent this copy via email on the 27th of June. Doesn't the company have an obligation to notify us of this can****ation? They dispacted us for 30 days plus knowing they were can****ing and for two weeks after it had been can****ed.

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    Not sure what you mean by "Can****ed for non-profit payment", but I would think and am fairly certain, that the insurance policy would clearly define the time frame for notice of termination. The contract between your boss and the company is between your boss and the company and that contract should define the termination requirements between them. Your contract is probably only with your boss. Long story short, if you feel that you were defrauded, you really should talk to an attorney. Admin
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    That's a crappy situation. They did that purposely.


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