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Thread: 2002 dt466 dtc 333 international 4300

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    2002 dt466 dtc 333 international 4300

    Been trying to iron out some kinks with this truck, just when I thought I had them all 333 code starts popping up. I do have servicemaxx and every time I check the icp pressures there within the threshold of what's desired.. granted I cant check while driving, which is when the problem comes in.. after a few minutes of steady throttle, especially on beltway I get the engine light.. What I notice is at idle in park truck sometimes has a shake which seems like miss.. if I hold the throttle at 2000 - 2500rpms when in park after about 10 seconds i start to get a shake like a miss, but the rpms doesnt drop. here's the list of things done to truck fixing other problems.

    injector rebuild
    oil/filter change
    fuel filter
    ohmed injector harness from injector side all the way back to pcm
    checked clean power and grounds at pcm

    The one thing that I've noticed is that when in servicemaxx there's 2 spots for B+, but only one shows voltage, does that mean i have a clean power problem to ecm?
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    I'm late to this one, but I figured if anyone else every ran across this post they would appreciate it. I'm attaching the OEM manual for code 333 for this particular engine. It is ICP (Injection Control Pressure) related, and there are numerous reasons it could happen.

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