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Thread: Kenworth w900

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    Kenworth w900

    I bought the truck from an auction site so I couldn't ask the prior user how things worked. The truck is a few hundred miles from me so I need to be prepared the next time I'm there.

    I need to tilt the cab. The truck doesn't run. A pack rat built a huge nest on top of the engine that needs to be cleaned off 1st. When I 1st visited the truck it was buried in snow and I couldn't figure out how to tilt the cab. It looked like it was air or hydraulically operated but some lines were disconnected. I could not find a manual pump, and I didn't know where to look. The latch on the passenger side was latched the drivers wasn't. I didn't see anything in the cab either. The cab is a day cab, no sleeper. Please help.

    Second question is about brakes. The truck hasn't been moved in many years. Without running the engine will the brakes release? I'm not sure if I have a problem with the brakes, but can I release them without the truck engine running?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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