I'm new to the forum, I'm a retired trucker that is sick of retirement. Have current medical and a few miles under my belt. Last job was a dedicated from the SF Bay area to Boston, never got lost once, unless she was really good looking. I have primary hauled frozen, but also hauled cars for a lot of year, don't really remember how many.

I'm not interested in a local job, and really don't care how long I'm out, but would like to get home every six weeks or so.

Here is the problem, my age, of course they don't say it, but that seems to be the hurtle. Also I had a back injury several years ago so can't do a lot of heavy lifting.

I have a large stack of commic books, woops sorry log books and plenty of references that aren't dead yet.

Last issue, I insist on running legal, paid too many tickets for being a dumb ass and doing things like running two log books. Haven't had a ticket in ten years, never had a DUI because I don't drink and never done drugs of any kind.

I will run team with the right partner, but prefer solo. A partner must be clean, neat, and experienced, not teaching anymore students.

Now any advice for this old fart.