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Thread: Magellan RV9165T-LM GPS

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    Magellan RV9165T-LM GPS

    I have had a Garmin 465T GPS for a couple of years, but when I saw the Magellan RV9165T-LM I just had to check it out. I tow a travel trailer and thought that this GPS for RV'ers would be great. Here's what I liked about this unit:

    - The 7" display was easy to see
    - RV routing was good based on the size of your rig
    - The Good Sam Road Trip Navigator was good, although I have the laptop version, it was a nice feature to show all the campgrounds and other points of interest right on the display
    - It was easy to use

    What I didn't like about this unit:

    - One voice, the old Jill, which is not pleasant to listen to
    - The mount was huge and, because of it's length, caused it to bouce some on the dash of my pickup. Maybe in a smooth riding RV it would be fine.
    - Detours didn't work, or at least I couldn't get it to work, and had to wait until I was off course before I could get new directions.
    - The unit wouldn't charge when turned on, something that I found others had a problem with, and I ultimately returned the unit for a refund

    Overall, I decided the Garmin 465T (that's the Trucker one for those not familiar with it) is a better unit. You can set your vehicle size and restrictions so it works well for an RV. As I said, I have the Roadtrip Navigator on my laptop, which will interface with a GPS unit such as the Delorme BT-20 or a USB one, for very similar function to the RV9165T-LM.

    I hope some folks find this useful.


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    I agree with you in Magellan roadmate rv gps it's just super user friendly that everybody with an RV can use. RVing category is very unique and not the usual day-to-day vehicle navigation. It also helps finding the right campground and a lot of rv stops. Thumbs up!

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    The 465T is NOT a real RV GPS. I cannot remember, if the 465T had a profile for RV, or it was just the later Garmin, but what Garmin did was to take a truck GPS and add an RV profile, so that you could enter your data in an RV format. Basically you can use the Garmin and it is much better then using a car GPS, but it does miss a few things. For example, it will route you around parkways, that an RV can be on and it will not warn you of the tunnels that have propane restrictions. And of course it does not have the amenities of the RV GPS. By the way, we had several complaints about the 465T, especially when they first came out. It was not at the top of the list. The Rand McNally and the Cobra seemed to be better GPS.

    Thanks for the feedback on the Magellan. When I get some time to test it, I will pay attention to the issues you had. We like the Rand McNally RVND7720, which I have tested and it is an amazing piece of equipment. Comparing with your dislikes...

    It has several voices both male and female.

    The mount is healthy, but it needs to be to hold the weight of the 7", which I agree is exceptionally easy to see, especially for those multi-highway splits.

    You can easily detour by tapping on the section of the road you want to detour around. Very convenient since you do not have to leave the map screen.

    The Rand charges while plugged in. I would think the Magellan would too, so I will make sure I test that.

    By the way, I liked your review. I can read the Pros and Cons without having to wade through emotional garbage. Good job.
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    There is no RV profile on the 465T, it is just a truck GPS, although you can switch it to Car mode, but you lose the size restriction routing. It does have the ability to input hazardous material, which I did, but never went where there were tunnels so I can only assume it works. As far as the routing, it has fastest and shortest, but no scenic, which probably makes no sense for a truck anyway. I always had to plan my trip and put in waypoints to do the scenic. Of course I never trust any GPS to do exactly what I want any I always recommend that one review the itinerary that the GPS gives you.

    On the Magellan, the unit I had was defective as far as the charging was concerned, as some reviews I read returned them for replacement and they were fine.


    Thanks for the input on the Rand unit. I may check into one as it appears to have the features I like in a 7" screen.


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