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Thread: Illinois Health Insurance

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    Illinois Health Insurance

    For those of you that are domiciled in Illinois.Can you tell me what is a good health insurance company to go with? I just need a supplemental insurance. Dex

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    AIG offers, what they call, "Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance Program", which pays for Accidental Death, Disability & Accident Medical Expenses, It is supposed to be a good plan with a decent price and was designed specifically for truckers. The number is 800-647-4589. Ask to speak to an agent.
    You can also try this website
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    Help Guide - Three Steps Before Selecting a Health Plan:

    1. Compare the health insurance plans you are interested in by visiting the NCQA website to see if they are accredited, and how their quality scores compare.

    2. Visit at least one of the state-specific reports to find out what the rate of complaints is for the health plan you're interested in, what hospitals it uses, and information about quality measures. Note: Every state or regional report may be different. If your state is not listed here, see what other states make available. Even if it's not online, the data probably are collected by your state.

    3. See what AMA physicians say about working with certain health plans. Visit consumerhealthratings for more details.
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