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Thread: Newbie saying Hi

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    Newbie saying Hi

    Hey all! I'm new here, and to the world of trucking. I work for a salvage yard, and want to use this forum as an opportunity to learn. I am NOT here to advertise, I will not tell you where I work or what prices are, unless you private message ME first. I'm just here to learn about the technical side of things, and get practice in hunting down what people need.

    For example: you tell me you need a transmission. My job is then to ask the right questions and get the correct information in finding out what transmission you need. This is what I like to practice on forums in my downtime.

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    Hi Kdott,
    Welcome to the forum and thanks for taking the time to help others. This is why we sponsor the RoadTrucker Trucking forum. Not so other websites can run out, add a link and disappear. For those that help like you are, we allow a signature with a link to their business, as long as it is done tastefully. One more helpful post and you are welcome to add one, if you'd like to. Thanks again for giving your time. Admin
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    Welcome man! Happy to have you on board


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